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The Administration Building at 2-4 Magnolia Drive is an historic building from the age of the Gasworks and has been renovated to provide a number of rooms for community use. It has recently been upgraded with facilities to provide access for people of all abilities.  Detailed information and an Application Form to use rooms in the Admin Building is available under the Policies section of this website.  Click here to view the Application Form.

Rooms available are:

  • Room AB1 Boardroom, large square table for up to 20 occupants.
  • Room AB2 is not available.
  • Room AB3 is not available.
  • Room AB4 Boardroom with large table for craft or meetings for up to 20 occupants.
  • Rooms AB5, AB6 and AB7 can be configured with tables and chairs to suit user.
  • Room AB5 is a larger room for up to 35 occupants.
  • Room AB6 with folding wall closed there is room for 40 occupants.
  • Room AB7 with folding wall closed there is room for 40 occupants and direct access to small kitchen and toilets.
  • Rooms AB6 and AB7 can be combined to accommodate up to 80 occupants with folding wall open.

Enquiries and bookings through the Country Club 8765 6900.

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