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Another month has passed where we have had to contend with the ever changing Coronavirus conditions. The need to carry out the servicing, maintenance and replacement of the Breakfast Point Community assets continues. The work planned for this month is described below.

The planning and implementation of a number of projects is in progress as outlined below.

Managing Contractors

We have completed the review of all current service contract documentation and have established a central file to be maintained by Jo McGoldrick.

Tenders for the new Landscape and Gardening Contract are due to be received on 13 August. We will then carry out a detailed evaluation by rating each tender against a list of desired performance criteria and weightings.

Historical Construction Documents

A large volume of hard copy plans and manuals (such as the irrigation maps of BP) prepared during the original construction have been in storage but have not been readily accessible due to the method of storage, the size and number  of documents. Quotes are being sought for digitising and indexing the documents to be compared with the cost of cabinets for hard copy retrievable storage.

Administration Building Renovations

Most of the work on the Administration Building renovations is complete. Quotes are being obtained for a few minor additions including storage and an additional sink.

Pavement and Verge Repairs

The grinding flat of pavement trip hazards and paver repair work has been completed. The replacement of more severely damaged sections that require the existing sections to be removed is about to start. A quantity of mulch has been obtained at no cost and has been used to bury exposed roots adjacent to pavements on the street side verges. This is being trialled as a means of reducing trip hazards.

Tree Trimming

Plane trees in Orchard Street will be trimmed on 10 August, weather permitting. Close attention will need to be given to those trees on the northern side that are planted close to the building boundaries.

Tree Removal

The removal and replacement of several Silky Oaks will commence on 17 August, weather permitting. The tree roots were causing major damage to the pavement. The removal of the trees is in accordance with the Tree Plan prepared by our Landscape Architect and approved by the community several years ago.

Additional Security Cameras

Two new CCTV security cameras are about to be installed at the Country Club Guard House.

Solar Powered Sign at Pedestrian Crossing

The supply and installation of solar powered lights for the Orchard Avenue pedestrian crossing is in progress.

Landscape and Gardening

Work is complete on the replanting of the garden at the Orchard Street entry to Breakfast Point, the upgrade and replanting of the Market Street gardens and the centre foreshore gardens. Other sections of garden repairs have been deferred until the new Landscaping and Garden contract is let.

Country Club Air Conditioning Refurbishment

Tenders for the upgrade of the Club air conditioning systems have been invited. The work will include the two “bullhorn” sections of the lounge and dining room that we found were not being adequately cooled in the hot Summer months. Upgrade work is planned for Spring.  

Club Change Room Facilities

Work is about to commence on improving the change room facilities to provide more hanging and bench space in both the men’s and women’s change rooms.

Country Club Lap Pool

The problems with the filtration and water heating system of the lap pool have now been fixed and the Pool can be enjoyed again through Winter at a more pleasant temperature.

General Facilities Maintenance

Many minor repairs to our assets continue to be determined and carried out. For example this month we are working on irrigation repairs, Village Green grandstand ceiling, Country Club ceiling damage, dog leash signs, estate street and park lighting, replacement of fire extinguishers in Admin Building which are about to expire and many more.

The objective of the Executive is to not only maintain the high standard that we have come to expect, but to improve on that standard. The Executive Committee, would like to acknowledge the contribution of the numerous Sub-committees and all the employed staff for their dedication in helping us to achieve that objective in difficult times.

The Executive Team


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