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The Executive Team are up and running and working to deliver on our plans for 2020.  In doing so we have reviewed our organisation and developed more of a corporate structure that we think is in the best interests of the Community in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.  Operations are split into four segments – Club, Finance, Facilities and Secretarial.  A paid employee leads each segment reporting to the Executive Team through the Chairperson.  Community volunteers act in an advisory rather than managerial capacity across the various segments.  Our intention is to adapt to a societal change towards strata living by providing a suitably professional approach to the management of our Community.

We have also reviewed the structure of the Sub-Committees in order to improve outcomes. Apart from our existing Sub-Committees for Club, Finance, Assets & Standards and Gardens, we have added two new Sub-Committees: a Community wide Facilities Committee (merged with Admin Building Committee) and a Secretariat (merged with the Communications Committee).  We are now seeking out residents who have an interest in participating in one of these Sub-Committees to contact us in order that they might serve the community.

The various changes outlined above have been embraced by the Executive Team, our Community Management Team and their staff as providing more clarity in their
personal roles and responsibilities, which should translate into better outcomes for our Owners.

Also, to help address particular issues, we have formed three Special Project Teams:

  • The Land Management Bill Review Submission Team
  • A Capital Works Fund Review Team
  • ¨ The Landscape and Garden Contract Renewal Team.

A brief summary of progress in these areas so far:

  • Each of the Special Project Teams has prepared a Terms of Reference document to plan its way forward, identify its deliverables and likely timeframes.
  • We are drafting a submission (due end of February) to the State Government with suggested changes to the legislation that directs the way in which strata
    communities will be managed and controlled in the future.  This will be presented to the Community for comment once the draft is finalised.
  • We are assessing the state of our Community assets, developing plans and estimates for future expenditures that might then support a well-maintained
    Community infrastructure at reasonable long-term cost to Owners.
  • We are giving consideration to the scope of work required in our next Gardens Contract, this being one of the largest costs in our Community.  Our purpose is to achieve visual improvements in streetscape, allow for more durable plantings in a period of prolonged drought, achieve better water management outcomes and ensure a more cost effective level of gardening service overall.
  • Related to Gardens we have, as an initial step, prepared a plan and presented it to the Community for changes in lawn care boundaries to allow affected strata greater control and consistency in appearance up to the roadside.

In other respects, we have progressed on various planned works:

  • Planned painting of Community Hall and part exterior of the Administration Building.
  • Works on Stage 3 of the Traffic Management Plan, including the installation of speed cushions, humps, separators and related signage.
  • Removal or scheduled repair of tree guards and of ropes and posts.
  • The commencement of a long program of improvements to gutters, kerbing and roads, where showing the impact of tree root growth.
  • In a related fashion, we will shortly undertake works to repair and replace where necessary, our footpaths in order to minimise pedestrian trip hazards.

In closing we advise that for quite some time now, your Executive has needed to give priority to various aspects of the Club and its relaunch.  With the Clubhouse works and the relaunch program now largely complete, we are able to re-direct our energies to other areas of our Community so that we might further improve Owner enjoyment of their life here at Breakfast Point.  We wish to thank Owners and other Residents for their advice and assistance to your new Executive in the months since our appointment.

We value your opinions and look forward to similar capable and enthusiastic support in the future.

The Executive Team


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