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Your executive team has had another busy month.

Other than our efforts to deal with the impact of the Coronavirus on our community, mentioned above, we have been busy evaluating the community’s responses to the recent Club questionnaire and will consider these in setting plans for future operations.

Further to this we have been engaged in planning and carrying out of number of projects.

Contractor Arrangements

We are reviewing all contracts with service providers in preparation for their renewal later this year.

The preparation of detailed tender documents for the new Landscape and Gardening Contract is in progress and is on schedule for release in July this year. We will soon seek expressions of interest from interested contractors capable of carrying out all or part of the Breakfast Point garden maintenance program, or the lawn maintenance, or both.

Administration Building Renovations

Work has commenced on the Administration Building renovations funded by the community grant. The work is expected to be completed in approximately eight weeks. During this time, the only meeting rooms
available will be AB1 and AB5, although these will of course be subject to social distancing and likely
construction noise.

Tree Root Damage to Kerbs and Gutters

Work is continuing on the long-term kerb and guttering repairs. The kerb and gutter work in Village Drive is almost complete, including the removal of three plane trees with invasive root structures. These are to be replaced in a more suitable, deeper excavation to minimise risk of recurring problems. Once kerbing is completed the surrounding lawn will be replaced.

Ongoing Traffic Management Plan

Stage 4 is complete with the exception of one set of speed cushions delayed due to the laying of services under Woodlands Avenue for a Rosecorp project.
Further works to complete the full traffic plan are expected for September/October.

Pavement Repairs

Work orders have been let for the repairs to the
pavements damaged by tree roots causing trip hazards.  The work consists of grinding or the replacement of pavements, if more severely damaged.

Foreshore Rubbish Bins

You may have noticed last month that the bins along the foreshore have been overflowing at weekends, creating an eyesore and health hazard. We believe that this is due in part to the additional use of walkways during the restrictions. We have installed additional bins and we are increasing the frequency of rubbish removal to deal with this problem.

Tree Trimming

The Elm trees in Pocket Park between Market Street and Juniper Drive and the Conifers at the side of the Administration Building will be trimmed, with council approval, early in June and may be complete by the time you read this.

Landscape and Gardening

Work will commence soon on the replanting of the garden at the Orchard Street entry to Breakfast Point, the upgrade and replanting of the Market Street gardens, and the central foreshore gardens.

Repairs to the northern foreshore gardens through to Tennyson Road are also being planned. Priority will be given to those areas that have suffered most during the drought.

You may have noticed the improvement in the appearance of the community lawns. This results from the scheduled weed eradication and fertilisation carried out by our Contractor as well as some timely rains.

Lawn Care Boundaries

Responses have been received to the proposed changes to the lawn care boundaries. An update of the assessment of the responses has been issued to all CA Representatives. A final decision and implementation of the change will not be announced until tenders are received for the new Landscape and Gardening Contract scheduled for the end of July this year.

Deferred Works

As advised in last month’s report, some planned projects have been deferred as a precautionary measure during these difficult times. These works include the painting of the Community Hall, further landscape and gardening works, completion of tree guard and rope post works. These are likely to occur in the September/October timeframe.

In summary we share with the Community the hope that we will be back to normal soon and we once again thank you for your patience and understanding during the current restrictions.

The Executive Team


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