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As you might expect, your Executive has spent a great deal of time in the past month dealing with the Coronavirus and the lockdown measures.

Messages have been delivered to Community Association representatives concerning the need to adhere to personal health and related Government directives for self-isolation when required and social distancing.

Further to this we have made progress in many areas.

Staff Costs

There have been regular discussions with staff covering rosters and reduced working hours. The Executive is attempting to look after our employees as best we can in this difficult time. We are also conscious of the costs of recruiting new staff, orientation and training.

Dealing with Contractors

Negotiations have taken place with our regular contractors who include BNP security, BFMS and Skyline. Some reductions in work hours have been discussed. The strong growth of weeds has been pointed out to Skyline and they have agreed to take action. Preparation of the tender for the lawn mowing and garden maintenance of Community property is in progress and will go out for competitive quotations in the months ahead.

Authorisation of Works

We live in a beautiful location in part due to the relatively consistent appearance, materials and colours used in outside works. Breakfast Point has a Community Management Scheme (CMS) that requires alterations to dwellings, gardens or streetscapes to be authorised by the CA. This includes such things as the addition of shutters, pergolas, retractable awnings or even internal blinds because all of these can be seen externally. We ask that Owners abide by these standards. Details of the procedure needed to obtain this authorisation are available on the Breakfast Point website.

Tree Root Damage to Kerb and Pavements

As part of a longer term project, work has been underway on kerb and guttering repairs in Village Drive. The contractors did encounter some problems with large tree roots in the course of the work and the Executive consulted with the Canada Bay Council as to the appropriate course of action.  It has now been established by the CA and the Council that the only practical solution to several areas of damage was to remove four of the Plane trees and replace with similar species. This work is now underway.

Traffic Management

Stage 4 of the Traffic Management plan is in progress, involving the placement of traffic signs, repainting of lines, placement of speed cushions and traffic separators.  The slow-down of traffic on our streets has been a notable and positive outcome. Please note that all works are being done in accordance with Canada Bay Council directions.

Lawn Care Boundaries

Acceptance or rejections by Stratas of the proposed changes were due on 30 April 2020.  The submissions are being evaluated and the CA EC will report to the Community at the end of May.

Garden Replanting

The replanting of the gardens at the Orchard Avenue entry to Breakfast Point will be carried out this month to be followed by the replanting and clean-up of the Market Street gardens near Cross Street.

Deferred Works

As advised in last month’s report, some planned projects have been deferred until we have a clearer view on the impact of the Coronavirus shutdown. Works such as the painting of the Community Hall, completion of tree guard and rope post works and removal of some of the Peninsula Drive Silky Oaks is deferred for the time being.

We once again thank the Community for its patience and understanding during these difficult times.

The Executive Team


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