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Despite the additional time that has been required to keep abreast of Coronavirus issues on your behalf, your Executive Team has continued to give attention to the repair, maintenance, replacement and addition to the Community assets of Breakfast Point.  This is consistent with our objective to ensure that BP will be seen as being a highly desirable place to live.  Outlined below is information on the planning and implementation of a number of the projects we have set down.

Contractors’ Arrangements

We are reviewing all service contract documentation with a view to consolidating documents and
establishing a central file of all such material for control and management purposes.

We can also confirm that we have now received expressions of interest from many suitable contractors who wish to tender for our Landscape and Gardening Contract.  The preparation of the detailed tender documents for that Contract renewal is complete and by the time you receive this it is likely the invitations to tender will have been issued to interested parties.  Our plan is to review tender submissions in August with a decision on future arrangements shortly thereafter.

Administration Building Renovations

Work on the Administration Building renovations, funded by the NSW Government Community Grant is nearing completion.  We expect to reach practical completion on schedule this month.

Meeting rooms AB1 and AB5 continue to be available, but of course social distancing rules apply and construction noise may be experienced with AB5.  All rooms should be available again by August.

Tree Root Damage to Kerbs and Gutters

Work planned for this stage in relation to Village Drive is now largely complete.  The root removal was more difficult than anticipated but the works undertaken to address this should minimise the risk of recurring problems in those areas.  Works of this nature now form part of an annual program of repairs to kerbs and gutters, with more planned for other sites in our Community later in the year.

Ongoing Traffic Management Plan

Stage 4 is now complete as to speed cushions, dividers and signage.  The fact that this has slowed traffic on our streets to far safer speeds is noteworthy.  The completion of the full traffic plan works is expected for September/October.

Pavement Repairs

The grinding of pavement trip hazards and paver repair work was undertaken in June.  The planning for replacement of more severely damaged sections is underway.  As a temporary measure and to assist with personal safety, the lip on pavement sections yet to be replaced are being painted yellow.

Tree Trimming

The Elm trees in Pocket Park between Market Street and Juniper Drive and the Conifers at the side of the Administration Building were recently trimmed.  Palm trees around our Community are currently having their twice annual frond trimming.   Quotes are being sourced for the trimming of our plane trees ahead of the spring growth cycle.

Additional Security Cameras

Two new CCTV security cameras are about to be installed at the Country Club Guard House entrance/exit points which will complete our upgrade of security around the Clubhouse facility.

Solar Powered Sign at Pedestrian Crossing

A work order has been placed for the supply and installation of solar powered lights for the Orchard Avenue pedestrian crossing.  The state of Community lighting in general is being reviewed.

Landscape and Gardening

Although June experienced below average rainfall the general condition of our gardens and lawns has been maintained.  Having taken action on lawn care we are proceeding with garden plantings in Orchard and Market Streets.  Works are also planned for the foreshore areas.

Country Club Air Conditioning Refurbishment and Upgrade

Club Air Conditioning in the downstairs area was upgraded as part of the extension project.  A design proposal for upgrade of your Club’s upstairs air conditioning system has been obtained and is being evaluated with tenders to be invited soon.  This will involve an upgrade to the capacity and reach of the system, including the two “bullhorn” sections of the lounge and dining room area that we found were not being adequately cooled last summer.  These works are likely for September.

Tennyson Road Wall

As part of our normal routines we continually monitor the state of the Tennyson Road wall.  As a result, we have noted that a section of boundary wall on Tennyson Road west of Orchard Avenue has developed a slight lean which we have been carefully monitoring.  To help assess our future likely maintenance requirements in that particular area we will soon carry out some investigative works on the condition of the wall foundations.

In summary we continue to identify and prioritise areas for attention throughout the site and plan our work accordingly.  We appreciate the understanding of the Community that sometimes short periods of disruption will occur in order to facilitate the completion of such works that we believe are necessary to maintain the high standards we seek to achieve on your behalf.


The Executive Team


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