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There has been discussion within the Community with regard to the way lawn mowing and lawn care is being carried out.

At present we have two different contractors cutting the lawn either side of the road side pavements. This results in inconsistent care, duplication of noisy pavement blowing after cutting and the neighbourhood being disturbed twice as often.  Most of us in the past have lived in suburban houses and as a resident maintained the lawn up to the street curb as a preference to relying on council. The CA is now  considering to introduce a similar approach at Breakfast Point.

The advantages are:

  • Consistent care of the total roadside lawn maintaining an improved appearance
  • More efficient use of garden contractors resulting in a cost saving to the Community
  • A reduction in noise by the reduced use of blowers
  • Fewer days of disruption and noise by the use of one single contractor
  • A cost saving to the Community.

Various Stratas will be affected in different ways. For example, some do not have any lawn or gardens between the boundary and pavement and may have to meet a minor additional cost to cut the narrow strip between the curb and pavement. These additional costs if any will be minimal and may be considered good value for the strata to have control over its garden appearance.

We seek views from the Stratas on this proposal. Please email Jo McGoldrick on with your view.


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