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At the Renewable Energy Forum held on Monday, 15 April in the Community Hall, Mark Butler, Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy announced  that if the ALP were elected, his party would provide the Community Association with a grant of $500,000 towards a solar generation shading facility in the Country Club Car Park.

The Forum was well attended and one of the subjects of discussion was the uptake of electric vehicles.

On a global scale the major vehicle manufacturers are expecting that a significant proportion of their future production will be electric vehicles. Already overseas countries have a much greater range of electric vehicles available with models with competitive pricing to conventional vehicles.  The charging requirement for electric vehicles will pose a challenge for the Breakfast Point Community and this is one area that additional capacity supplied by solar panels might provide a solution.  Certainly if the solar installation for the Country Club Car Park is approved by the Community the option of providing charging stations powered by that facility would be considered.  Any charging station would need to accept credit cards and generate income for the Community Association at commercial rates.

It may also be that the requirement for vehicle charging might enhance the cost benefits for individual stratas who wish to install solar generation for the benefit of their Owners’ Corporation.  Certainly the increased uptake of electric vehicles would appear inevitable and solutions for charging within the Community will need to be identified.

The Solar Panel Working Group is currently seeking any Community Members with Structural Engineering experience to join the team. Prior to taking any proposal to the Community for approval they wish to have relevant expertise in order to ensure that all design and economic aspects are consistent with Community expectations.

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