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Another Easter is upon us and I hope all residents had a safe and happy Easter whether you stayed at home and enjoyed the Easter Egg Hunt on the Oval or took a break away.

In this report I will follow up on a few items mentioned in my March report as well as update residents on some important projects and recent meetings.

Community Stakeholders Meetings

As part of our Stakeholder Management Program we met recently with Inspector Andrew Graham the Acting Commander of the now merged Ashfield/Burwood Commands.

Inspector Graham is temporarily acting in the place of Superintendent David Johnson who has been seconded to another command and we will get to meet him at a later date.

Readers may recall that we have had a very good relationship with the Burwood Police Command and in particular with Detective Superintendent – Commander Mark Jones.
Mark has been promoted to Assistant Commissioner and Commander of another Sydney region. The meeting with Andrew Graham was very instructive. It further cemented our importance to the overall Area Command as well as how the Police can be of most assistance and what we need to do to assist them. Key points were:

  • The newly organised Command combines Ashfield and Burwood regions into one Command. The personnel are largely unchanged and for our purposes, first response remains with Burwood Police.
  • We discussed strategies for enforcing behaviour at large events such as weddings and we have been given some useful tips that we will now include in our Club Terms and Conditions and also
    additional requirements of BNP security.
  • Inspector Graham will also be providing me with information regarding the NSW Police terms and costs for hiring Police for specific duties, which may include enforcement of laws for traffic, parking and behaviour at functions. We are investigating potential jurisdiction issues with respect to being a private community.
  • We now have a direct line of communication to the Area Command and it is clear that the new Command structure will continue to provide us with the exceptional service that we have
    experienced in the past.
  • The Police have a Facebook page that is regularly updated with tips for keeping communities safe and free of crime.  We have placed this link on our website:

Adherence to Community By-Laws

In my last report mention was made of the importance of keeping dogs on leads at all times while on community property. Several members wrote reminding me that it is not only dogs that must be kept under control at all times, but also all animals including cats.

Cats are prohibited from roaming free on community property and if necessary we will reintroduce traps to catch and remove cats found roaming freely. Please keep all animals within owner’s control at all times.

The Community Association and its elected representatives, the Executive Committee, are responsible for ensuring that the by-laws established as part of the Community Management Statement are adhered to. We rely, to a large extent, on individual Strata and Precinct Committees to enforce without fear or favour the by-laws of their strata and precinct. These largely mirror those of the
Community Association with additions designed specifically for the needs of individual strata. If a conflict occurs the Community Association by-laws take precedent over all other by-laws.

The CA Executive Committee has been particularly keen to ensure that we set the highest standards possible to ensure strong governance of the Community whilst also being cognizant of the need to balance strong governance with the practical needs of members to enjoy our unique quality of life.

We need the assistance of each strata committee and all members of the Community to ensure that by-laws are enforced. This is particularly the case where noise, animals, washing or other items on balconies breach by-laws. As well as any changes to landscape including trees, large plants or display plants are made without the permission of the Community Association.

We all have a part to play in maintaining the standards of the Community to ensure that we keep improving the value of our properties.  For instance, we have had complaints regarding dogs off leads on the Oval as well as unauthorised boot camps starting training before 7.00 am and creating loud noise. These are all instances where we as members can remind offenders that this is private property and ask them to keep their animals on leads or to delay workouts until after 7.00 am. I have personally moved dog owners from the Oval on at least two occasions recently who had
dogs off leads, reminding them that this is private property.

Meetings and Events

We will be holding a meeting of CA Representatives on Wednesday, 18 April in the Administration Building. There are a number of items on the Agenda and I will mention a few of these here.

Solar Panels Review

The Solar Energy Project team chaired by Stephen Matthews has presented its final draft report to the CA Executive and we thank the team for its work in this important area. The report provides detailed guidelines for making a submission to the CA Executive for the installation of solar panels on strata property, together with descriptions of recommended panels and installation requirements. This work has involved a great deal of research and discussion with experts in the field. The result is a well structured paper that allows individual strata who wish to install solar
panels the requirements for doing so. This paper has been distributed and will be discussed with CA Reps.

Club Extensions

The Club Extensions Project Team have met on four occasions and will have a recommended design/s to explain to CA Reps at the April meeting. All Minutes of Meetings of the Project Team are currently on the Breakfast Point website for your review.

When a final design recommendation has been made we will place this on public display on the website and at the Country Club, and hold a Town Hall meeting for discussion at a later date.

Hiring of Community Facilities

I recently met with a number of residents living close by the Community Hall who raised concerns regarding the use of the Community Hall for large functions, being those of more than 60 participants, such as weddings, engagement parties and the like.

A recent experience of a wedding of 120 participants where car burn-outs and some unruly and noisy behaviour occurred was cited as an example. Despite having quite stringent Terms and Conditions for the hire of the Community Hall and other Community Assets, together with the potential loss of a large bond, occasionally unruly behaviour does occur and this is unacceptable and not keeping with our aim of a safe and pleasant environment. We have now added to the security of such large events by doubling the security presence as well as limiting all future Sunday bookings from 8.00 am until 2.00 pm.

We will continue to monitor these events and are also looking at how we can get improved security such as Police presence at large events. The Executive Committee are very aware of the need to balance member rights to a secure and pleasant environment, with the need to raise income to at least partially cover the costs of assets.

I look forward to the Anzac Day Dawn Service and lunch at the Club and hope to see a large turnout of residents at both events. This is a wonderful day and an opportunity to remember those who gave so much for the lifestyle we now enjoy.

Don McKenzie
CA Executive

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