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Anzac Day (25 April) is fast approaching and we invite all residents and friends to attend our Dawn Service held at the Memorial (near the flag pole and oval).  The Service will commence at 6.00 am so please get there by 5:45 am to get a seat.  In past years we have recognised the bravery and selflessness of our Defense personnel in WW1, in particular the 45 men from the AGL works who served in that war.  Last year we extended our reach to other theatres of war, focusing on the Vietnam War.  This year, as well as honouring two AGL employees who died after the 1918 Armistice and those who served in Vietnam, we will be honouring those who served in WWII.  After the Service stay on to meet your neighbours and enjoy the BBQ breakfast, coffee and tea.

Community Governance

With some 5,400 residents, a 54 hectare estate and an expenditure budget aimed at improving and maintaining the high standards required for roads, traffic management, landscaping, the Country Club along with other assets like the Community Hall and Administration Building, we do require assistance from members of the Community as well as co-operation from the Police, Canada Bay Council and State Government representatives, with whom we meet regularly.

Community participation is particularly important due to the high workload.

I am therefore pleased to report that we have had a good response from members this year to assist with our Sub-committees and have now filled the required vacancies.  This is an excellent outcome and all Sub-committees have submitted reports showing strong committee member involvement.

The Communications Sub-Committee is in the final stages of a review of all communications from the CA within the Community and are formulating procedures to significantly improve our efforts to date.  A new layout for the Breakfast Pointer is at the approval stage, dates for meetings with CA Representatives are planned, with the next meeting to be held shortly after the Special General Meeting (SGM) scheduled for
8 May.  Town Hall meetings and other face to face opportunities to give and receive feedback are also being planned.

The Landscape Sub-Committee is conducting an audit of all CA property to ensure that our contractors are providing the full service required as well as highlighting areas needing urgent attention.  The CA property has been divided into manageable sections and Sub-committee members allocated to each section to allow improved monitoring and reporting.

The Assets & Standards Sub-Committee continues to handle a large workload of applications for additions and changes to CA and Strata property such as shutters, vergolas, air-conditioners as well as overseeing the Country Club Extensions Project Team which is attached to this Sub-Committee.

The Finance Sub-Committee assists the CA Treasurer to ensure that we maintain our expenditure within budget limits and get the best value for the money spent.  We are doing some work within the Executive Committee to audit all of our assets to be certain that the sinking fund contains all assets and has an appropriate estimate of costs associated to the times each asset requires to be refurbished or replaced.

The Administration Building Sub-Committee is looking into the best use of this facility now and in the future so as to provide sufficient meeting space for our large resident population.  Automated booking systems, better utilisation of space and improved internet and audio visual system are some of the areas they are currently reviewing.

The Country Club Sub-Committee continues to oversee the operations of the Club with the aim of providing an inviting environment for residents and guests to enjoy good food and beverages in a convivial environment supplemented by exercise and sporting facilities.

All of the above committees include at least one member of the CA Committee and provide regular updates, along with recommendations to the Executive Committee for approval and funding.

Community Association Representatives (CA Reps)

We cannot emphasis too strongly the need for CA Reps and their Alternates to fulfil their role as an integral part of the community governance process.  CA Reps are the linkage between the CA Executive and individual strata, precincts and they are the conduit for essential two-way communications and as such have a duty under the strata legislation to attend all meetings of the CA including CA Executive meetings.

It has become patently obvious during recent discussions regarding the Traffic Management Plan that many CA Reps have not conveyed critical information about these plans back to their members.  We have had meetings where members have complained that they had no knowledge of the traffic management plans, yet these have been discussed at numerous CA Reps meetings over the past three years.  I recommend that each strata, precinct and community insist on having a report from their CA Rep at each of their meetings and ensure that their representative has attended the required CA Executive and CA Reps meetings and can report fully on them.  The CA Executive is always willing to provide additional information in either written or face-to-face form if required.

Country Club Extensions

Tenders were sent to approved builders on 1 April and we expect replies and final assessments to be completed by 4 May 2019.  The SGM planned for 8 May is where the recommended builder will be announced and total build costs provided.  We are still of the view that the build will be within our budget limits however if the preferred quote is in excess of budget then the Community will be asked to decide if this over run is acceptable or if an alternative is possible.  We have also asked each builder to quote separately on additional work that is outside of the extensions scope such as the scheduled external painting of the Club and the roof over the entrance way.  These costs will be paid from the sinking fund.

Other Matters

Please remember that any strata requiring changes to their Architect and Landscape Standards (ALS) paper work must be into the CA Executive by early April in order to make the deadline for distribution of papers for the SGM.

A few rabbits are still being seen around the Estate.  Please do not encourage these pests as they destroy our gardens and trees and cause increased maintenance and costs.  We may have to increase our trapping over the next few months if sightings continue.

Wishing you all a happy Easter.  For those of you who are away for the mini-break, be safe and let’s all make sure we eat too much chocolate!


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