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July has been an exceptionally busy month. We have dealt with some complicated legal matters, held another Town Hall Meeting and received the two final designs for the Club Extensions from the Assets & Standards Sub- Committee. Our new Facilities Manager resigned and a new search has commenced. We have also received approval from Council for our Stage Two Traffic Management Plan. I will limit this report to these matters and expand on them below.

Town Hall Meeting

The meeting was very well attended and there was a briefing and discussion on the following:

The Country Club Extensions

The Club Extensions Project Team were asked to review all submissions from Strata and Precincts and to decide on the best two designs to present to the CA Executive for approval. There were strict Terms of Reference for the project and the Project Team added some additional guidelines to these. The Project Team came up with three possible designs and these were posted at the Country Club and on the website.

After further discussion two designs were considered to be the most appropriate given cost and ability to service guests in the most efficient manner. The final two designs (Options 5 and 6) were reviewed and dis-cussed at the Town Hall Meeting. Option 5 is estimated to be around $200k less expensive to build than Option 6, however Option 6 provides more space for dining. Both designs received strong support and will now be put to a Special General Meeting of the Community Association for approval to take one design forward to tender.

The PowerPoint presentation from the Town Hall Meeting, containing the final two designs, has been posted on the website. We will be arranging for an information session lead by our Architect Nicholas Back for all interested residents. This will be at the Country Club at a date to be announced within the next two weeks. The Project Team is now putting together an information pack that will be distributed to all Stratas with the view that an informed choice can be made at the SGM in September.

Development of a Three Year Assets Maintenance Plan

The CA Executive presented for the first time a comprehensive Three Year Plan and estimate of costs for major building and maintenance projects. These projects have also been cross checked with the planned Sinking Fund schedule and priorities established. This program plan has also been fed into this year’s budget and the planning for future budgets. The Community is now almost 20 years mature and our infrastructure is showing signs of decay. In order to smooth out our cost base and ensure that levies are kept within manageable limits it is important to forward plan and to manage to the plan.

Financial Report and Forward Estimates

The CA Treasurer provided a report on the Community’s current financial position and showed graphical trends for the Sinking Fund and Administrative Fund. He explained the need to maintain a higher level of funding for the Sinking Fund for the next three years to make up for a significant dip in funding in years 2013 to 2015. We need to continue to build the Fund over the next three budget years in order to get back to trend. The Administrative Fund is largely on budget with the Club being behind budget, although significantly less than last year.

Traffic Management Plan Stage Two

Canada Bay Council have now approved our Traffic Management Plan Stage Two and work will begin on a staged basis over the remain-der of this year and next year. The Traffic Management Plan Stage Two has been posted on the website and further notices will be made once work commences. 

Rabbit Removal

We have now increased the frequency and number of rabbit cages for the removal of rabbits in the Estate. We are also attempting to get Council to assist us in this regard as there have been sightings of rabbits on Council land external to our boundaries and especially in Cabarita Park. If anyone sees rabbits on Council owned property please take photos and send to Jo McGoldrick caexec@ Please do not interfere with or go near the rabbit cages and do not feed the rabbits. They are pests that are causing significant damage to our gardens and trees which will add costs to our maintenance program.

Council Rates For the past few years we have been discussing with the Mayor and General Manager of Canada Bay Council the growing concern with-in the Community for being charged full Council rates when we are responsible for much of what Council would normally do for a community; such as road repairs, footpath and gutter repairs, the seawall, trees and gardens, drainage etc. Approaches have been made over the past four years to the Council, how-ever, there is now a growing frustration and we will now make representation to our local NSW State Member John Sidoti to support us in getting a rate reduction. To assist our efforts we will shortly be posting an on-line petition and will encourage all members of the Community to sign it.

Facilities General Manager

Unfortunately Tim O’Sullivan, our recently employed Facilities Manager resigned on 28 June for personal reasons that we believe were a combination of travel, family and the role being more complex than he had expected.

This was a surprise to us and a disappointment as Tim did have the technical expertise required and seemed to be handling the operations side of the role well. Allsite Recruitment has now commenced a new search at no further cost to the community and we will be interviewing two candidates next week.

In the short time Tim was with us we learned a lot about the type of candidate we require. We have tightened the Job Specification to better fit the requirements of the role, the skills and experience required for a good fit.

Legal Advice

As some Stratas have approached the CA re-garding changes to their architectural and landscaping standards (A&LS), a legal opinion has been sought. The legal opinion is clear that to change any detail of a Strata A&LS there needs to be unanimous approval at a Strata General Meeting and then there needs to be unanimous approval at a Community General Meeting. This may appear onerous but obviously the intent of the developer, and most probably of the majority of owners, is that changes to any A&LS needs to be well considered and universally approved. We are now updating our applications policy and further information will be discussed with your CA Reps.

Dogs Off Leads

We have had many complaints of dogs in the Estate not on leads. This is now occurring regularly on the oval. We will now meet with Council to establish a regular program of Rang-er surveillance and fines. Breakfast Point, as with all Council streets, require dogs to be on leads at all times, and this includes the oval.

Other matters discussed at the last CA ECM

Most of the issues discussed under “General Business” at this month CA Executive Meeting have been mentioned above. Other issues include:

  • Setting the date for a Special General Meeting as soon as is possible – aiming for the second week of September
  • An information package explaining the Club Extensions options to be sent to all Strata
  • A briefing in the Club to be arranged with the architect for the Club Extensions.

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