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Welcome to the December edition of the Breakfast Pointer.  There will not be an edition in January 2019 due to the holiday period.

As usual, another year has flown by and building projects in our Community are now almost completed with only the Plumbers’ Workshop to be refitted for apartments.  This will be the last building project for Rose Group and we expect that they will exit the Estate towards the end of 2019 or early 2020.  The existing Heritage listed Sales Office is yet to be sold and we are still uncertain how and when this will take place.  We will be following this up in the New Year.

A lot of attention was given to landscaping during November with fertilising and weed control being undertaken.  This, together with good rain, has significantly improved the lawn and garden areas.

I would like to thank Sue Campbell-Lloyd for her efforts in maintaining the high standards of our landscape.  Sue is a highly regarded member of our Community and will be greatly missed now that she is no longer on the CA Executive.  We will be looking at ways that her experience can continue to be utilised.

Maintaining our landscape to a high standard is critically important to ensuring our image as a preferred place to live remains at a high level.   The two most important assets that make Breakfast Point a standout environment are the Country Club and our landscape.  These must be maintained to the standard expected if we are to continue to enjoy the financial appreciation of our assets.

Welcome to the new members of the CA Executive Committee that were appointed at our recent AGM.  Mr Paul Driver, although elected to the CA Executive, has resigned as he was not re-elected as his Strata CA Representative at their recent AGM.  As a result, the CA Executive now has eight members which will allow us to enjoy a greater span of control as well as develop new ideas and provide more reach into the Community.  The complete list of the CA Executive Committee is published in this edition as well as on the Community website.

Since the AGM the CA Executive has hit the ground running.  We have had an induction session for the new members where key issues for 2019 were discussed.  These included:

  • recommendations for improvements to our existing focus on Community communication;
  • Sub-Committee types, function, membership and structure;
  • updating of our existing strategic plan;
  • the two year rolling forward Assets and Project Plan and how that links to our sinking fund;
  • the financial performance of the Country Club; and
  • maintaining relationships with key stakeholders.

We held our last Casual Meetings for the year on Sunday, 9 December and Thursday, 13 December and started a review of these key issues to put in place over the next month. Our last CA Executive Meeting for the year will be held on Monday, 17 December as there are a large number of applications for shutters, blinds, awnings and air conditioners to be reviewed for approval.  CA Reps should attend these meetings and owners are invited along as well.

We have started Stage Two of our Traffic Management Plan which involves making Market Street one way entering from Orchard Avenue and exiting into Magnolia Drive and also Vineyard Way entering from Vineyard Way at the Peninsula Drive intersection and exiting into Village Drive.  This work was completed on
7 December as planned.  In the new year we will be completing the remaining items for Stage Two which include:

  • rumble bar traffic separators be installed in Rosewater Circuit either side of its intersection with Magnolia Drive
  • a roundabout be installed in place of existing stop sign across intersection of Juniper Drive and Orchards Avenue
  • speed cushions be installed at the various locations identified in the plans
  • ‘Give Way’ controls be changed to ‘Stop’ controls at the various intersections identified in the plans.

Please review the detailed plans on the Community website for additional information or contact Jo McGoldrick.

I can understand the concerns of residents with the changes we are making.  Their purpose is to help deliver better traffic control and to reduce the dangers of speeding in the Community.  We have done our best to communicate these changes during the past 12 months however it is clear that our efforts have not been perfect.  We have relied upon the CA Reps to post the flyers notifying the dates and times of work.  Many have done this.  We will be revisiting our communication strategies over the next few weeks to develop improvements, especially where high impact projects are involved.  In the interim please be patient.  We have had one instance where our staff were abused and this is simply not acceptable.  Everyone is doing their very best to implement these difficult changes.

In closing the CA Executive Committee wish all of our residents a happy and safe Christmas and New Year and we look forward to an even better 2019.


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