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A very big welcome to the New Year and we wish everyone a safe and healthy 2018.

The Country Club started the New Year in style with 180 members and guests enjoying a lively night with good food, beverages and our regular band Vogue Trio playing a wide variety of songs that packed the dance floor.

Down by the pool we also had a pop up bar and music with a different beat populated by both the youngsters as well as many swinging older members. In fact it was great to see a group from the pool area come into the upstairs lounge to teach us some of the latest dance moves.

Another very pleasing aspect of the night was the great number of new residents. On my count we had over 80% residents and guests that we have not previously seen at large functions in the Club and this stands us in good stead for growth this year. It is up to us all to support our Club as much as possible as prices are very competitive and the food and ambiance, is in many respects, superior to that of restaurants and cafes in our immediate vicinity.

The Community Association (CA) has a very extensive program that will improve the way in which we have been managing the Estate.

At our recent CA Executive meeting held on Monday, 29 January there were 29 items on the agenda, four of which have a high priority and another a medium to longer-term priority.

I list below these projects with some commentary regarding each:

Hiring a CA Facilities Manager

We have been discussing this option for at least three years and have not been in a position to action it while the previous contract with Estate Managers was in operation. The Estate Managers’ contract with the CA ended last year and we have now entered into an agreement with BFMS. Many of you will have met Matthew Crawshaw-Fardouly from BFMS who is responsible for managing the CA assets. The new agreement is approximately half the cost of the Estate Managers’ contract and allows us to employ a Facilities Manager who will be responsible for all of the CA facilities at Breakfast Point. I have been asked what the Facilities Manager will actually do, so I list below the key responsibilities taken from our draft Position Specification:

  • Successful implementation of all building projects (including renovations and minor works) from inception of the project, strategy, recommendations for implementation,management of key stakeholders, budgeting,implementation and close out.
  • Develop a strategic plan and business plan for the proactive maintenance and improvement of the Estate.
  • Develop an annual budget, in consultation with the key stakeholders for maintenance and improvement works.
  • Supervision of over all maintenance of CA facilities and grounds ensuring that by- laws are observed and there is compliance with the landscape and architecture standards.
  • Ensure that relevant applications and associated documentation for projects are submitted to Maintain relationships with key contractors such as BNP Security, BFMS and Skyline to ensure that contract obligations are being met and planning for improvements to services.
  • Maintain relationships with key external agencies such as Canada Bay Council, Burwood Police and Jemena to be able to bring these resources to our assistance as required.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of the Work Health and Safety Act and ensure that the CA facilities comply at all times with the Act.
  • Attend meetings of the Assets and Standards Committee and the CA Executive Committee.
1.   Water storage and reticulation

We will be actively pursuing the potential to use the large water tank situated on the grounds of the Little Silkstone development. This tank has the potential to supply much needed water to the foreshore up to Tennyson Road. The difficulty is finding a line that will take the water under Peninsula Drive so we can connect into the existing reticulation system. We have negotiated access rights from the developer.

2.   Establish the Club Extensions Evaluation Project Team, review all submissions, and propose the best plan for the extensions

Terms of reference have been written and the project team members have been selected and were approved at the CA Executive Committee Meeting. We do not believe that the evaluation and recommendation process will take very long, after which we will form a small group of experts to project manage the successful design to completion. We are aiming to have the extensions completed by June 2019. However this will become clearer once we have the designs approved and estimates of cost available. While an earlier completion time frame is possible, we do not want to interfere with the peak summer period of the Club.

As agreed at the November AGM the final approved design must comply with the following conditions:

  • Final design to remain within the boundaries. The final design is not to go out of the area currently piled down to
  • The end result could be a hybrid of several designs that have been submitted, or a design the Committee
  • The Committee is to provide a reliable build cost, preferably from three reputable builders.
  • The project must stay within the budget of$1.5m available from the Seashores Fund account, or if it is likely to exceed the budgeted amount, an estimate of the additional monies must be stated.
3.    Rental of Estate Managers’ Office and Mulberry Hill Apartment

We have reached an agreement with PICA for the rental of the Estate Managers’ office in the Admin Building which was previously provided rent free and we expect the rental agreement to be signed next week. We are also working with the Mulberry Hill Executive Committee to agree on an equitable arrangement for renting the apartment previously used by Estate Managers and is the Excluded Common Property of Mulberry Hill.

The Solar Energy Project

We have now approved two draft policies relating to the use of solar energy within the Estate. We are awaiting the final document that will include the draft polices, facts about usage, style of panels and configuration on roofs. The CA Executive are very grateful to the Solar Energy Project Team for the work completed to date and look forward to receiving the interim report and recommendations for future actions.

Approval of the Community Sub-Committees for 2018

The CA Executive have now approved the membership of the Assets and Standards, Country Club and Finance Sub-Committees for 2018. We would like to thank all Committees for the time and expertise provided to the Community in the past years and look forward to their continued good work this year. These Committees provide invaluable advice and assistance to the CA Executive in the overall management of the Estate.

General Comments and Upcoming Events

The Country Club Sub-Committee is seeking the assistance from a member of the Community who has experience in marketing/ brand management to assist the Committee in its efforts to improve the profiling of the Club and its communication to members and guests. If you are able to assist in this capacity please contact our Executive Assistant, Jo McGoldrick

The Club is entering a new stage in its development, with the leadership of our General Manager Anthony Starkey, his management team and the helpful and friendly staff. This year is already shaping up to be great and one that can meet the varied needs of a growing and changing community.

Management has already rolled out an improved pool area entertainment and beverage offering that is attracting a more diverse group of members. Similar programs will be offered in the main lounge during the year and the reintroduction of an evening meal during the week is also being considered.

The menus, dates and times for particular events are posted on the Club notice board as well as on the website. Please help us build our Club by supporting functions and using the Club as your main source of entertainment.

Once again we are getting some complaints about animals not on leads. A reminder that we work very closely with Canada Bay Council and Rangers are making regular visits to the Estate to enforce infringements concerning animals and parking.

Dates for 2018 meetings of the CA Executive Committee and Sub-Committees have been posted on the website. We will make every effort to comply with these dates and if changes are unavoidable they will be updated on the website as early as possible.

That is all from me. The CA Executive will continue to strive to maintain our vision to “preserve the value of the community assets and grow the value of owners’ assets to exceed the average value of the Sydney property market, while maintaining a secure and healthy environment”.

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