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A belated happy New Year to all members and we wish everyone a healthy and profitable 2019.

In this edition I will provide a snapshot of our plans for 2019 and bring members up to date with both existing and proposed projects.

Since the AGM your CA Executive have been very busy establishing new Sub-Committees and extending invitations to members of the Community to join the new committees and rejuvenate the more established committees.

At the same time we have also been in discussion with Canada Bay Council regarding how they should remediate the new footpath section along the heritage wall on Tennyson Road. The Breakfast Point Community Association will be responsible for maintaining this area and we want to ensure that the narrow strip between the footpath and heritage wall and the larger bare dirt patches around the remaining trees are leveled and filled in with an attractive permeable material that will eliminate weeds and make the area largely maintenance free.

In the first half of this year some of our priorities are as follows:

The Traffic Management Plan

The conversion of Market Street and Vineyard Way into one-way streets has been completed and apart from some initial teething problems with cars not observing the one-way signs most people are now observing the rules.  We noted comments that more notice would be appreciated on such changes in the future

Members may have been aware of a larger Police presence in the Estate over Christmas and early January. We have asked the Police to do more patrols of the Estate and in particular to watch for speeding cars and non observance of road rules.

The next stage of traffic management involves the building of the roundabout at the intersection of Juniper and Orchard Avenue as well as a start to the placement of additional traffic control devices such as speed cushions and dividers. We expect these will be installed during March and April (subject to availability of qualified contractor staff).

Members will be informed at least two  weeks before the start of any work.  We thank all residents for their support and understanding with this project. Its purpose is to help protect each of us, especially children and our older residents, from speeding vehicles.  Unfortunately some drivers do not always observe stop and give way signs. We ask our own residents to ensure they always obey signage and road rules.


At the November AGM it was clear that although we have improved communication with members significantly over the past four years there was more to be done, especially in establishing improved channels of feedback from members. To address this gap we have added three new Sub Committees.   The Sub Committee structure is an integral part of the effective governance of the Community. Sub Committees assist the CA Executive in several ways:

  • Enhance two-way communication by generating inventive ways to improve community image
  • Sustain member enjoyment, and maintain financial sustainability
  • Allow members to make a definitive contribution to the well being of our community by sharing their skills knowledge and experience for the greater good.

Our existing Sub Committees are:

  • Finance
  • Assets and Standards
  • Country Club.

We are this year adding the following new Sub Committees:

  • Communications
  • Administration Building
  • Landscape.

More information about the goals and priorities of these new Sub Committees will be shared once their teams are finalised.

We have recently advertised for new members for all Sub Committees and to date have 20 applications. We very much thank members for their interest.

Applications are now being reviewed and we will advise members of our Sub Committee memberships during February.

An immediate need is to recruit a member with hospitality experience to join the Country Club Sub Committee.  Please email Jo McGoldrick with details of your experience in this area.

Country Club Extensions

The DA application has been lodged and we are hopeful of approval during February, accepting that Council must follow due internal process. The schedule of activities will then be to:

  • finalise architect drawings
  • develop tender documents and call for tenders
  • review and assess tenders
  • consult with the Community, and then
  • award the construction contract.

Assuming no unforeseen circumstances, we expect the contracted works period to run from late May until early September. During this time there will be a period where all or part of the Club will need to be closed for construction. The exact dates of this closure period cannot be fully determined until we have let the tender and obtained the builder’s project plan and timeline.

Country Club

The Country Club has been very busy over Christmas and the early New Year.

The Country Club Sub-Committee has introduced several new entertainment ideas and there is much more to come.

Innovations include some changes to the Friday Members’ night and entertainment in both the Cafe and pool areas.

In particular, I want to thank the staff for their continued support of the Club. The CA Executive Committee is aware of the current uncertainties surrounding the Club extensions and the impending closure for a period of time. As soon as we have more concrete information to share with staff we will meet with them to discuss alternative arrangements during the closure period. 

Let me offer a big welcome to Samantha Bertoni who has joined us as Events Co-ordinator/Assistant Manager.

Sam is a very experienced manager and will be instrumental in building our functions profile and future offerings. The December financial results for the Club were good and we hope that this will continue into the New Year.  Your patronage is key to our future success.

Our air conditioned lounge and poolside facilities offer something very special not otherwise available in the Breakfast Point region.

Other Projects

We continue to work through projects on your behalf such as completion of the foreshore bridge refurbishment for which we thank the Community for your understanding during the disruption it caused. Other projects still under way include the Country Club extensions, traffic management, liaison with Canada Bay Council for remediation of the verge and tree surrounds for the new Tennyson Road footpath, along with the control of rabbits.


Our Facilities Manager Dianne Brooks has now established a very strong relationship with the local Police Command.  This has resulted in more patrols in the Estate and we are planning some walk through police patrols.

The upgrade of our CCTV camera network will be completed in the week commencing 28 January 2019.  Several members have asked us to explain where the cameras are located and the coverage. Listed below are the cameras and their locations:

  • 1 x Country Club Guard House – this camera has facial and number plate recognition
  • 1 x Community Hall – currently being upgraded
  • 2 x Entrance Gate House – this camera has facial and number plate recognition
  • 1 x Orchard Avenue just before Market Street entrance, on the Village Centre IGA storage/recycle room – currently being upgraded
  • 1 x Breakfast Point Boulevard at the entrance to the Estate – currently being upgraded
  • 6 x Foreshore area – North-South at Shutters Strata, North-South Hunters Wharf, North-South Peninsula Drive Homes and Sales Office
  • 2 x Breakfast Point Flag Pole area – currently being upgraded.

Dogs Not Properly Constrained

In early January 2019 a male resident of Breakfast Point was bitten on the leg by a dog outside Olive Kitchen Cafe. While not requiring stitches, the bite did require medical treatment and the matter has been referred to Canada Bay Council for appropriate action.  It is imperative that animals are kept under control at all times whether walking or sitting under tables.  This is a serious issue that could have been much worse had a child been bitten.

In closing I do hope all members can find some time to relax and enjoy this final month of Summer. We welcome members and guests to visit the Country Club in the weeks ahead, to enjoy its great location plus all of the facilities and special events it has on offer.


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