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Having been overseas for the past five weeks it is a pleasure to be back, notwithstanding the charms of Winter with the cold mornings and early nightfall. My report this month aims to provide updates on key projects as well as some forward thinking on priorities for next year given that we are now advanced in our preparations for the 2018-19 budget.

An update on current projects

Rabbit Removal

Most residents are aware of the large number of rabbits causing significant damage to the community gardens and the undermining of large trees and shrubs. We now have no choice other than to remove the rabbits from our Community. Following extensive research and expert advice the decision has been made to trap and remove the rabbits and this will commence immediately. This is an expensive exercise and it is important that residents keep clear of areas where there are rabbit colonies so that we can create the best conditions for trapping. Please do not interfere with the cages or attempt to release rabbits. It is likely that the trapping program will last up to 12 months and we will attempt to catch as many as possible before the start of the breeding season.

Club Extensions Program

The Country Club Extensions Team have now submitted to the CA Executive their final design recommendations and these have been posted on the Breakfast Point website as well as at the Country Club Notice Board. We also have an estimate of costs for each of the final designs. The intention is to discuss these designs at a Town Hall meeting to be held Thursday, 19 July 2018 and a notification has been sent to all CA Reps for distribution to their respective strata and precincts.

Traffic Management Stage Two

After frustrating time delays Canada Bay Council have now written to us agreeing with our proposed plan that has been sent to the Council Traffic Committee for review and approval. We are hopeful that Council will approve the plan in the near future after which we will begin the implementation.

Facilities General Manager

The June Breakfast Pointer provided a profile of our new facilities manager Tim O’Sullivan. Tim reports to the CA Executive Committee Chair and is already proving to be of great assistance to the CA Executive by spearheading major projects, large contractors, key stakeholders as well as assisting with longer term planning and budgeting. Tim works closely with our Community Services Company BFMS through the services of Matthew Crawshaw-Fardouly. Matthew will continue to be responsible for community operations and overseeing the maintenance work such as cleaning, grounds maintenance and mechanical maintenance.

Town Hall Meeting

A Town Hall meeting will be held at the Community Hall on Thursday, 19 July 2018 commencing at 6:30 pm. As mentioned a key area of discussion is the final designs for the extension to the Country Club plus updates on the Traffic Management Stage Two, Landscape and Tree Management and Security. An invitation is extended to all residents.

Spring Fair

We have just started Winter and are already planning for the Spring Fair. This year the Spring Fair with be held on Sunday, 9 September from 10.00 am until 4.00 pm. It will include the usual fun rides and animals for the kids, heaps of stalls for the Mums and Dads with plenty to eat and drink.

Palm trees opposite Hunters Wharf

As residents would be aware, the palms along the foreshore have been attacked by birds and require protection prior to this year’s breeding season. Several pest companies including bird pest specialists and other experts have been consulted including a leading expert on this subject from the Botanical Gardens and all have recommended that the trunks of the palms be wrapped with bird protection shade cloth to prevent any further deterioration. It will cost upwards of $20,000 to replace a mature palm therefore this work is urgent and must take place before the next breeding season. The work will take place in July ahead of the birds’ return.

Issues raised by CA representatives at the last CA ECM

At the last CA Executive Committee Meeting it was suggested that we include in my report any significant issues raised by CA Representatives that could assist residents in further understanding the management and governance of the Community. I include these below with an explanation of each issue raised.

The Community Management Statement (CMS) and the Architectural & Landscape Standards (A&LS)

The CMS contains the by-laws and standards for the on-going management of the Estate. The CA Executive Committee relies upon the CMS and A&LS to make decisions regarding community governance including applications for additions or modifications to buildings e.g. shutters, air conditioners, externalpainting and colours etc. A copy of theCMS is shown on the Breakfast Pointwebsite.

Tree Guards – should they be replaced?

The issue of damage to tree guards was raised and the CA Executive are considering the costs of replacement and whether a better substitute is available. The CA Executive has investigated this and our Facilities General Manager has provided replacement suggestions that we are assessing. We expect to develop a replacement plan in the 2019 budget cycle.

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Country Club Extension Plans, Documentation and Updates

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