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The Federal Election held on Saturday, 18 May produced a result not predicted by either the pre-polling or the exit polling and the coalition government has been returned.  While many will be pleased with the result, unfortunately the promise from Labor to provide Breakfast Point with a $500,000 grant to fund a solar energy plant at the Country Club will now not be available.  The CA Executive are still keen to continue to promote solar power in Breakfast Point and we will speak to the Federal Government and other sources for finance assistance to help us achieve this goal.

In the interim if any strata, precinct or community wants to investigate installing solar power, please contact Jo McGoldrick.

The Country Club Extensions

Bravura Build has been selected to undertake the extensions to the Country Club and the appointment was confirmed at our recent Special General Meeting.  We have executed the Build Contract with Bravura that allows us to stay within the available funds currently in the Sea Shores Fund account.  This is the money provided by the developer to compensate the Community for the
increase in population resulting from design changes to the final buildings on the Estate.

The builder took possession of the site on 27 May and the Club is now  closed to members.  It is scheduled to re-open mid-September 2019.  We have arranged with the builder to keep the tennis courts available to members from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am until 3.00 pm however all facilities will be closed at weekends.  We have arranged with Fitness Local a reduced membership cost for the period that the Club is closed and a flyer explaining this has been sent to members.

Member groups that are currently using the Country Club for meetings and activities should contact the Club Reception to book the Administration Building. Remember to note “As per Club booking” on the Application Form to simplify the procedure.

The Country Club Sub-Committee

Peter Ryrie has decided to retire as Chair of the Club Sub-Committee.

I asked Peter to take on the role in January 2017 when I had been Chairing the Club Sub-Committee for some years and needed to relinquish the role, as the Chair of the CA Executive was taking up most of my time.  Since taking on the role, Peter has made a significant contribution to the Club including his support of Club Management, introducing new talent into the Sub-Committee and assisting me with some very difficult organisation and staffing issues.  The Club is a key asset for the Community and on behalf of the Community we thank Peter for his service and trust that Peter and Marilyn continue to enjoy their travels and family with a lot more available time.

Tara Howell, a member of the CA Executive and Club Sub-Committee member, has agreed to take over the role of Club Sub-Committee Chair and will be very busy supervising the re-opening of the Club in September. We wish Tara all the very best in her new role.

We continue to develop the Sub-Committee team, having recently added two people with accounting/operational management backgrounds.  Owners with a hospitality background, especially in café or restaurant management would also be welcome.

Community Landscaping

The Landscaping Sub-Committee has been busy over the past few months completing an audit of all areas of the Community with the aim to ensure that we maintain a high standard of gardens, lawn areas and other assets that contribute to our vision to keep our asset values at or above the third quartile of the Sydney property market.  The audit is a very welcome achievement and we thank the Landscape Sub-Committee.

The CA Executive is now reviewing the recommendations and will publish a priority list of projects and funding for next year’s budget.  In the interim we have recognised the need to put a priority on the upgrading of the Market Street gardens which have progressively fallen into disrepair.

Market Street is the shop front of the Community and should be one of the centerpieces of the Community as it is the first sighting for many guests, shoppers and potential purchasers of property.  We will be undertaking as much work as our funds allow in this financial year and will fund any remaining works from the next financial year’s budget.

Tree Management

Following is an update on the tree maintenance, footpath and gutter repair work mentioned in my last report.  Work will begin on 12 June 2019 for tree maintenance (root trimming) and where required gutter and footpath work for Carolina and Garland Mews.  This will require traffic management personnel to be on-site.  Pebblecrete will be laid in the Pavilion BBQ area and the pathway will also be closed during this time.  A flyer has been sent to local residents notifying them of dates and times for the work.

We are working closely with Canada Bay Council on tree root trimming to see if we can agree on a process that will allow us to take more control over our own tree management
processes so as to alleviate the delays caused co-ordinating contractors, council officers and our own personnel.

I look forward to reporting on the extensions progress next month.

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