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In this edition, I will discuss a number of projects that have reached completion and provide an update on others that are in progress. We have also changed the layout of the magazine to shift the Chairman’s Report to this inside page.  This is a result of an on-going formal review of the communications strategy to further improve two-way communication with members by better utilisation of the various media at our disposal.

Our starting point was to develop and further improve the Breakfast Point website which now has a great deal of important information for members. The website also includes updated information on Club activities, the Club menu, current projects ie the Club Extensions and other useful information like the Cabarita Wharf construction and upcoming community and CA meetings.  This year we will also be reviewing ways we can use other communication channels to allow members better access to the CA Executive, as well as to make access to information easier.

Community Stakeholders Meetings

The CA Executive places significant emphasis on the building and maintaining of relationships with important external and internal organisations that have a material impact on the wellbeing of our community. Examples of these include the State Government; Canada Bay Council; Regional Police Command; Community Associations; Rose Group; Jemena and key Contractors such as BFMS and BNP Security.

We recently met with the Mayor Angelo Tsirekas and newly appointed General Manager of Canada Bay Council Mr Peter Gainsford. The topics discussed included a requirement for additional Council Officers to patrol illegal parking and in particular, between 6.00 am and 8.00 am and 6.00 pm and 7.00 pm Mondays to Fridays and also weekends. We spoke about increases in traffic flow from the large building projects due to come on line in Hilly Street and Tennyson Road and what Council is planning to assist with alleviating this potential bottleneck.

We have recently discovered several banks of trees that have been poisoned and asked Council how they can assist. Council will take immediate action and co-operate with us to discover and prosecute the person/s involved. We will also deploy hidden cameras in suspect areas.

We continue to have an excellent relationship with Council from the Mayor to all Senior Executives and are grateful for their co- operation and assistance.

I attended the first meeting this year of the Community Associations within Canada Bay ie like Breakfast Point. This is hosted by the Mayor and Council’s Senior Officers. This is an important group who have similar issues that can be explored and solutions shared. We will continue to attend these meetings.

Our next series of meetings will be with the State Government and with Regional Police Command to discuss how we can gain more control over the enforcement of road rules and provide input into
legislation specifically designed for a community association of our size and complexity.

Control of Dogs and Other Pets

It is often difficult for residents who have not previously lived in a private community setting to be aware of their responsibilities to other members of the Community. A Community Association together with individual strata and precincts has specific rules (by-laws) that govern the way in which the Community is managed and the required behaviour of members of the Community.

It is important that we are aware of these by-laws and abide by them.

The CA has received an increase in complaints about several of these by-law breaches and we believe it is important to restate these.

The most numerous complaint, over the past few months, concerns barking dogs and dogs being walked off leads. Both of these concerns are breaches of the Strata Legislation and the Community Management Statement (CMS) and I show the relevant parts of the CMS:

CMS Clause 67.4 Page 59 and 60 (I have omitted sub clauses that are not specific to this issue and italicised definitions for clarity).

“If an Owner or Occupier may under this by-law 67 keep an animal in the Community Parcel, (anywhere in Breakfast Point) then the Owner or Occupier:

(a)  must ensure that the animal is at all times kept under control and usually in their Lot (their apartment); and
(c)  must, when the animal is in any part of the Community Parcel other than the Lot, keep the animal appropriately under control; and
(d)  is liable to the Owners and Occupiers of other lots and any other person lawfully in the Community Parcel for:
(i)  any noise caused by the animal that is disturbing to an extent which is unreasonable; and
(ii) damage to or loss of property or injury to an person caused by the animal; and
(f) must, if in the opinion of the Executive Committee (reasonably held) the Owner or Occupier is not complying with this by-law 67 and the Executive Committee so requests, remove the animal from the Community Parcel.

This means that animals cannot be walked unless on a lead and cannot be left on a balcony unless under direct control and cannot create noise that will disturb the enjoyment of other Owners and Residents. If any member believes that they are experiencing unreasonable noise from an animal (barking, howling or whining) or they encounter animals that are not on leads, then in the first instance they should write to their Strata Management Committee to request that this be stopped and if this does not solve the problem, then contact the CA Executive and we will take up the case.

Progress on the Country Club Extensions Project

I am pleased to report that the Club Extensions Team has met and agreed on the Terms of Reference provided by the CA Executive. The next meeting will be held shortly and will get down to the immediate task of reviewing all suggested designs and to finally bring to the CA Executive the design/s (maximum of two) that best meets the needs of the Club and Community. We will take the necessary time to fully consider all options and will appropriately communicate findings and reasons to the whole Community. We do not anticipate any building works to commence before the second half of this year. For more information including all submitted plans and progress visit the Community Website:

Casual Vacancy on the CA Executive Committee

Unfortunately, shortly after the AGM and election of the new CA Executive Committee one of our newly elected members was unable to continue in the role. This caused a vacancy on the Committee which has now been filled by appointing Ms Tara Howell to this casual vacancy. Tara has been elected to the position of Secretary of the Executive Committee. Tara has a great deal of experience for this role both as a senior business executive, as well as specific skills in marketing, communications and administration.

We are very much looking forward to Tara joining the team.

Signing of Estate Managers’ Lease for the Admin Building Office

Over the past few months we have been discussing with Estate Managers the commercial lease of their existing office in the Admin Building. We can now announce that a three year lease has been signed at commercial rates, and we look forward to the continuing relationship.

Employment of a Facilities Manager

We have commenced the search for a facilities manager for the Estate and hope to begin interviews over the next few months. We will keep residents informed of our progress.

Anzac Day

Our resident Military Historian and CA Treasurer Greg Maunsell is well down the track with the planning of this year’s Anzac Day service and lunch. Information with service times along with the program will be on the website before the big day.

Remember the Club is open for a special Anzac Day lunch with all the usual trappings, so book early.

At the Dawn Service we specially commemorate those listed on our Memorial, however if a resident wishes to commemorate a relative please contact Jo McGoldrick via email

Wishing all members good health and a very safe and happy Easter holiday period.

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Country Club Extension Plans, Documentation and Updates

Information relating to the Country Club Extensions have been placed in the Community Association section of the website, behind the Members Login area.  If you have not registered for the website, please do so now by visiting