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This past month has been extremely busy. We have now finalised the interviews for the position of Community Facilities Manager. We have held meetings with the Community Architect to look at streamlining the application process for modifying or adding to buildings and reducing costs. Further meetings with Council to push along the approval for Stage Two of the Traffic Management Plan have also been held. CA Representatives were updated on 18 April regarding major projects, community finances, the day to day operational issues and meetings, along with details for the Anzac Day Service and Club Lunch.

I thank my colleagues on the CA Executive and the many members who serve on sub-committees and project teams for their work, without which this very large community could not function.

Community Stakeholders Meeting

We recently met with Mark Broadley, Managing Director and Francisca Tjahja, Associate Director of Giles Tribe, the community architects to review the present approach to making and approving applications by residents for additions or modifications to buildings or units. In particular, to see if we can reduce the financial cost of applications, reduce the potential of having Giles Tribe recommend approval of an application and the CA Executive rejecting the application on grounds relating to an interpretation of the Community Management Statement.

It was a very positive meeting and we learned a great deal about the manner in which Giles Tribe reviews and interprets an application. Giles Tribe were contracted by the Rose Group some 20 years ago at the start of the planning phase of Breakfast Point and therefore have considerable long term experience regarding the vision, planning and construction of our community. In the near future we will be announcing some changes to the application process that will reduce the cost of applications as well as reduce the potential of differing opinions as to the approval of an application.

Employment of a Community Facilities Manager

We have interviewed five candidates for this position with the two most promising candidates having a second interview. We have now selected our preferred candidate and will finalise reference checks and administrative details within the next week, with the intent of a start date on 14 May.  By having a permanent employee to take control of high level community functions such as parking, enforcement of by laws, efficient handling of applications and working with key stakeholders in particular council, security and police, this position will improve the overall management of the community. The Community Facilities Manager will assist the CA with the forward planning of maintenance and infrastructure needs. We will be continuing our contract with BFMS for estate operational needs.

Meetings and Events

A meeting of the CA Representatives was held on Wednesday, 18 April, 2018 with a good attendance of CA Reps and observers. Thank you to the CA Reps who attended. We are now getting improved attendance at these meetings which indicates both the interest and better understanding of the importance of the CA Reps’ role in the governance of the Community.

Members of the CA Executive plus project group leaders briefed those present on the following important matters and projects:

  • Stephen Matthews briefed us on the Solar Energy Project. The project team has submitted to the CA Executive two draft documents that define the application process for Category A Non Visible Solar Panel Arrays and Category B Visible Solar Panel Arrays located on a roof plane of essentially rectangular geometry. These were explained in detail and questions answered. It was emphasised that these documents are for community buildings (strata, torrens title) to make application to the CA Executive to place photovoltaic arrays on the roof of a building. It was up to each building to decide whether the application of this technology was both suitable and cost effective. The CA Reps approved these first two drafts and the CA Executive will now incorporate them into CA Policy. A third report will now be produced that provides application guidelines for Category C Photovoltaic arrays located within a non-rectangular roof plane geometry.
  • Laurie Ihnativ, Chair of the Country Club Extensions Team provided an update on this project. The project team have now refined all submissions to three plans that conform to the project Terms of Reference, except for the estimate of cost. The cost estimate will be obtained by early June. Once the project team provide a final recommendation to the CA Executive, these plans will be on display in the Country Club and in the Administrative Building for a period prior to a Town Hall meeting with a date to be fixed. We are reasonably confident that we can provide a plan that meets our criteria for expansion and service efficiency at a cost that is within budget. The plans mentioned above have been loaded onto the Breakfast Point website.
  • The CA Treasurer, Greg Maunsell, provided an update on the status of the community finances. The Sinking Fund is on track with budget and will meet target provided there are no unexpected large costs. The Administration Fund operational costs are on track year to date though the Club portion will result in an overall below target result as the hospitality costs are higher than planned. An operational and finance process review has been undertaken by a representative of the Finance Sub-Committee with improvements expected in staffing allocation, customer satisfaction, stocktake accuracy, etc.
The Anzac Day Service

It is estimated that some 600 people attended our Anzac Day service and the general consensus is that it was the best to date, which is high praise indeed given that the prior services have all rated very well. We should all be very proud of our ability to display our community to such standards for the events that we arrange. Particular thanks to our resident Anzac Day co-ordinator and history enthusiast and Treasurer Greg Maunsell, for his work in arranging the event and bringing Anzac Day to life with his detailed accounts of the battlefield and personal stories of those who served.

Also thanks to the Men’s Shed, Rotary, those who contributed with wreaths – Breakfast Point Realty and Five Dock RSL sub-Branch, our photographers and all of us who took part and attended.

The Anzac Day lunch was also well attended and we thank Hon Craig Laundy MP and Councillor Nick Yap who attended on behalf of Hon John Sidoti. Both gentlemen were very positive regarding the high standards achieved and obviously enjoyed the lunch and conversation.

General Community Issues

Many residents will have noticed the marked increase in our resident rabbit population.

The rabbits have dug in mostly around the boundaries of the Club and are now causing significant damage to grass and tree roots. We are investigating ways to control this problem and will keep you updated.

There was a nasty incident last week outside the Endeavour building where an elderly gentleman was bitten by a dog and was treated in hospital. The owner ran off without providing details or rendering assistance. The dog was on a lead, however lunged at the man as he passed by. The Police are investigating.

Please keep supporting the Club with your attendance at functions and members’ nights. If you have not attended one yet please come along and meet your neighbours.

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Country Club Extension Plans, Documentation and Updates

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