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Welcome to the newly designed Breakfast Pointer!  We are finally getting a taste of Autumn with colder mornings and bright blue skies.  It is a pleasure to be living in this beautiful community.

In this report I will attempt to answer questions we are receiving with respect to the many changes currently taking place in the community, such as:

  •  the implementation of the traffic management plan
  •  the reasons and the process for making changes to an Architectural Landscape Standard (ALS)
  • the new Club closure times and why this has been necessary
  • what will be open at the Club while the builder is on-site
  • an update on the Club Extensions project and the upcoming Special General Meeting (SGM)
    the works program for tree management and the tree pruning program.

While all of this work is taking place we are still working to ensure that our special events calendar for this year is active and of course April this year included Easter and our Anzac Day Dawn Service.

Anzac Day

An estimated 500 people attended our Anzac Day Dawn Service this year and once again the families of soldiers who fought in WW1 were there in large numbers to pay their respects to relatives who were employees of the AGL works that has now become Breakfast Point.

This year we also paid our respects to all who fought in WW2 and in particular to two soldiers who were close relatives of long-term residents and who died in that war.  The readings of the various battles and the individuals who played their part in securing our future were very moving and well received.

Anzac Day has now become an important feature on our events calendar. We would welcome more volunteers, particularly those who have served in the armed forces and would like to participate.  If you are interested please contact Jo McGoldrick.

Our thanks go to Breakfast Point Realty for the donation of two wreaths, the Anzac Biscuits and a new Australian Flag; to Five Dock RSL sub Branch who donated three wreaths; to Rotary for the egg and bacon rolls; the Men’s Shed for the great work in setting up the event and also taking part in the most moving part of the Ceremony – the planting of the poppies; and of course Braxton, our bugler, who once again was magnificent in his NSW Lancer uniform and the playing of the Last Post and Reveille.

The Legacy volunteers worked hard and raised an amount of $1,222.80.  Legacy are grateful to the Breakfast Point Community for this contribution.  Every dollar raised helps improve living conditions for a Legacy beneficiary.

The Traffic Management Plan

We are now commencing the final stages of the Traffic Management Plan.  Last week the roundabout at the intersection of
Juniper Drive and Orchard Avenue was installed.  This was a necessary adjunct to the one-way streets program completed a few months ago. We have made every
effort to communicate both the timetable for the roundabout installation and the
temporary impact on residents, including individual notices to all residents in the nearby buildings.  Following these works we have scheduled the installation of the first set of speed cushions for later this year.  This is approximately half of the speed cushions required under the approved plan.  The other half will be installed in 2020. More information will be shared on these plans once the details are known.

Clearly there will be unavoidable temporary changes to traffic flow during the completion of all these planned works and we thank residents in advance for their
co-operation and understanding. The final outcome will be better and safer roads, with vehicles forced to travel along our
community streets at lower speeds.

Tree Management

Like other communities, we are required to work closely with Canada Bay Council whenever we seek to remove, prune or trim tree roots.  The current requirement is that we must obtain approval from Council before we start any work and a lot depends on the work involved.  In particular, the trimming of roots requires Council Officers to be on site to supervise the work.  This ‘one tree at a time’ process is both time consuming and we believe unnecessary for a large and responsible community of our size.  We are therefore currently in discussions with the General Manager and his staff to agree to a more efficient review and approval system for such works.  However, until that happens our progress will be slow and subject to Council staff availability.  Accepting this constraint we do have plans to commence  work on some tree maintenance,  footpath and gutter repairs in Carolina, Garland Mews and the Pavilion BBQ area in the June/July period, weather permitting.

The annual tree pruning cycle is also currently underway and will be on-going for the next three months.  For example, the trees on Market Street were recently pruned and look much better as a result.  Any such tree and street maintenance works may require temporary delays to
traffic, with parking also likely to be unavailable for short periods. Your understanding through this time period is appreciated.

Country Club Extensions

The closing date for tenders to be sent in to our tender box was Wednesday, 1 May. Tenders are to be opened with at least two members of the CA Executive being present. Shortly thereafter a meeting will be arranged with the architect and members of the CA Executive to decide on the successful tender.  At the Special General Meeting  to be held on Wednesday, 8 May we will advise the Community of the outcome and our reasons for selection.  On that occasion we will also explain the final plans for the extension and any design changes recommended by the builder as a result of the tender process.

Providing that the cost as shown in the winning tender and the architect’s plans agreed at the November 2018 AGM do not exceed the funds available in the Seashores Fund, the CA Executive will proceed with the extensions work.  If for any reason the tendered cost of the work exceeds the amount available in the Seashores Fund, or there is good reason to make changes to the agreed works, then we will follow due process and obtain CA Representative approval before we proceed.  It is for this reason that we have included a general motion on the SGM Agenda to make provision for the CA Representatives to vote to approve any such minor cost overrun or changes to the plans.  We believe that this is a reasonable and sensible way to proceed and is in fact good governance practice.

Approval of such a motion would alleviate the risk of significant delays in the starting date of the works due to otherwise minor issues.  Members need to keep in mind that we need to work to a tight schedule with this project to complete works in the Winter months to minimise the effect on potential revenues. The Winter period chosen for the renovations coincides with our low season for Club patronage.  If we delay the renovations we then move into the Spring/Summer seasons of high usage months.  In addition, we should be aware that we are already taking bookings for those latter months and so a prompt start to works in the late May/early June timeframe is to our advantage.  During the extension works we will also be taking the opportunity to complete projects already planned in the Sinking Fund.  These will include the external painting of the Club, the roofing over the portico and the repairs/replacement of wooden structures.

Changed opening hours for the Country Club

Recently Club Management announced changed opening and closing hours for the Club.  Unfortunately this information was not provided to the CA Representatives or the broader community however it was placed on the website three weeks ago.  This was not the fault of Club Management and occurred due to a lapse in co-ordination and the fact that we were also attempting to find a suitable substitute gymnasium for Club Members.  We are still in negotiations with a nearby gym operator however we apologise for any inconvenience that has occurred.

We have also had a few emails inquiring as to whether there would be a refund of Club Fees or a reduced levy while the Club is closed, the answer is that the CA cannot arbitrarily reduce levies any more than allow residents who do not use the Club to have levies reduced.  When a person purchases a residence in Breakfast Point they are entitled to membership of the Club and all costs of the Club are included in their levies, no reductions are possible.  There have also been requests as to what services might be open to residents when the builder takes over the site.  We believe that it will be possible to keep the tennis courts open and that the office area and toilets next to the office will also be available.  The rest of the Club will be out of bounds to everyone other than the builder, contractors and our official representatives.

What is an Architect and Landscape Standard (ALS) and why is it required?

All strata, precincts, communities and the Community Association have their own ALS,  written and provided by the developer. This was to ensure that the standards set by each strata and the Community at large would stay at the highest level.  These standards include building colours, garden plants, trees and shrubs, roofing materials, and woodwork.
The only way to make a change to the ALS is for the strata, precinct, or community to agree to a change and then to submit that change to the CA Executive for inclusion as a motion at the next Special General Meeting or Annual General Meeting.  To be successful the motion requires 100% vote of the CA Representatives.


On a more sombre note, Greg Maunsell has recently resigned from the CA Executive Committee and as a CA Representative.

Greg was Treasurer for the past two terms and has achieved a great deal toward bringing our accounts to a reporting standard comparable to that expected in the corporate world.  Greg has also been the driving force behind the Community Anzac Commemorations.  Greg and Diane will be spending significant time in the UK with grandchildren and we wish them every success for the future and thank them for their considerable efforts for our  community.

I look forward to seeing owners at our SGM on Wednesday, 8 May 2019.  We held a CA Representatives Meeting on Wednesday, 1 May 2019 where there was an open discussion on roles and how to be most effective as an owner representative. I will report fully on both meetings in the June Breakfast Pointer.


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