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With the 2018 AGM just completed, I would very much like to thank my CA Executive Committee colleagues for the valuable work that has been achieved this year.

I am also very grateful for the support of all Community members and their continued understanding of the immense workload that the Executive Committee is faced with as well
as our achievements.

We are on track with all major projects:

  • Country Club Extensions DA has been submitted;
  • Traffic Management Plan Stage Two has final stages scheduled for implementation during November/December this year;
  • we appear to have the rabbit problem under control; and
  • we have successfully managed a number of legal issues with minimal cost to the Community.

Looking forward, I believe that the Community is now in a very healthy position both financially and from a Governance and Structure perspective and we will continue to implement our assets plan.

With the assistance of our local State Member John SIdoti MP,  we now have an invitation to be part of the final round of reviews for the new Community Associations Legislation which is scheduled to take place in 2019.  We have a letter from the Parliamentary Secretary for Planning informing us that under the Local Government Act 1993, the Minister has limited powers to intervene with respect to our representations to Council regarding a reduction in our Council rates.  We will continue with these representations in the new year.

The appointment of our own Facilities Manager is a very important step forward and Dianne Brooks has, in just a few months, shown us how important this role is.  She has moved forward major projects and saved costs, connected with important stakeholders such as the Police and our major contractors, reviewed key contracts and assisted in the tendering and negotiations of several major contracts. This role will be key to our ability to manage the Community going forward.

Jo McGoldrick has been with us now for over two and a half years and she has shown what a professional can achieve.  Jo has not only improved the timeliness of communications to members, answered queries, triaged questions and concerns to the correct person, but also manages the Community website and edits the Breakfast Pointer magazine. This was previously handled externally at an additional cost.

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not thank the members of our
Sub-Committees.  We could not effectively manage the Community if it was not for the time given by Community members to our Sub-Committees.  Sub-Committees and project groups are a formal part of the management of the Community and provide recommendations to the CA Executive for specific projects, planning, costing and implementation.

The Assets and Standards, Sub-Committee, the Country Club, Sub-Committee and the Finance Sub-Committee all contribute greatly to the healthy state of our Community.  From time to time special project teams such as the Country Club Extensions Team, the Solar Energy group and the Traffic Management group all make a significant contribution and allow us to harness the tremendous technical talent that resides within our ranks.  A very big thanks to all!

The AGM was held on Monday, 12 November 2018 and the election of members to the CA Executive Committee has resulted in additional numbers on the Committee.  The new CA Executive Committee comprises of the following:

  • Don McKenzie – Chairman
  • Tara Howell – Secretary
  • Greg Maunsell – Treasurer
  • Alan Barnes – Member
  • Paul Driver – Member
  • Laurie Ihnativ – Member
  • Ken Preece – Member
  • Neil Price – Member
  • Peter Woodhouse – Member

This is a very healthy situation and one that we have been pushing for some time.  We need to plan for succession and that means we need to have people on the Executive who are willing and able to contribute to the overall Community and not secular interests.  I  am very pleased with the results and am certain that this Committee will continue the great work achieved over the past several years.

On behalf of the CA Executive Committee I wish all members a very happy and healthy Christmas and I look forward to an even better 2019!

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Breakfast Pointer November 2018

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