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The Breakfast Point Community financial year ended in August and the Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday, 12 November, 2018 in the Community Hall.  At this meeting we will review the 2017-18 year, provide an outline of our planning for 2018-19, as well as approve the 2018-19 budget and hold the election of the CA Executive.  With this in mind I intend to devote most of my report this month to the achievements of the past year, areas for improvement and the priorities for next year.

Projects undertaken last year and lessons learned

We continue to be guided by the Community Strategic Plan when selecting and prioritising projects.
The Vision Statement of the Community is:

“Preserve the value of the Community assets and grow the value of owners’ assets to exceed the average value of the Sydney property market, while maintaining a secure and healthy environment.”

To achieve our vision we have chosen four key goals.  These are:  Governance and Structure; Security of People and Assets; Community Image and Affordability.

Each of these goals has objectives attached and each objective has a number of strategies to be achieved.

Listed below are the projects selected for the 2018-19 financial year and our rating of successful completion.


Hire Facilities Manager.

Strong probity



Dianne Brooks appointed.

All tenders to the tender box and are

opened by at least two CA Executive members.

Monthly editions of
Breakfast Pointer.CA Reps Meetings.Increase in website




Chair reports plus notices of events.


At least four meetings per annum.

2016=59; 2017=134; 2018=184.

Closer engagement with CA Reps CA Executive Meetings.


Town Hall Meetings/
Special General Meetings.

Meetings with members and groups.






Monthly with face to face at least every two months.

At least two meetings per annum.

As required, one this financial year.

As required; at least 30 held this year.


Long Term Asset Plan



Collect all information.


Develop Asset Plan.






Executive Assistant has collected all the plans,
procedures etc available and catalogued them.  Facilities Manager now developing the plan.
Effective Stakeholder



Developed and maintained
relationships with Rose Group, Council, Police and contractors.  Attending meetings.



Facilities Manager, Chair, selected CA personnel, ongoing meetings including Council Community Meetings and regular meetings with all key
CCTV Coverage



BNP Security Cover

Installed camera cover around the Estate and back to base
linkages.Security Contract let and call
cover arranged as required.




We are in the process of finalising the website links for BNP security to have access in their
vehicles.We meet with BNP security regularly and receive reports on incidents.


Gardens and Building Assets



Secured additional on-site water cover via better integration of supply.

Added new plantings.

Tree Management Plan.







Water tanks in the Club and Silkstone Park are connected to provide better supply to river walk areas.

On going maintenance to maintain Community image.

Country Club


Country Club Extensions Project agreed and now moving to
tender stage and DA approvals.





Extensions Project Team is now working with the approved architect and consultants to build the extensions with further Community consultations planned.
Enforcement of By-laws



Increase scrutiny to ensure that by-laws are observed. 80% The majority of the Community, observe the
by-laws to protect the Community image.
General Projects Rabbit removal.

Council Rates Reduced.

Legal matters.





Now monitoring for trend reduction.

Survey available with 40> responses.




Manage the Country Club and other revenue generating assets to off-set levies and provide a high standard member service.



Bring the Country Club Cafe to a break even position.



Generate revenue from



Maintain revenue and
expenditure controls to a high












Financial management reports and controls of
corporate standard are in place for the first time since the Country Club was opened.We are still not at the place we need to be with respect to service standards or generating the
surplus required.A significant amount of work has been done this year to bring our Community accounts to a level that any Country Club would be comfortable with. We have controls over the Admin Fund and Sinking Fund that are far superior than previous years.

The Lessons Learned

We are a very big community that requires high quality management and governance.  We believe that we have significantly improved these areas over the past three years and in particular, this year with the appointment of our Senior Facilities Manager who has the experience and qualifications to further enhance our management of assets and reduction of costs.

The largest lesson that I have learned since being Community Chairman is the importance of developing trust in and with Community members.  Trust is a function of transparency, honesty and a huge effort in communicating to members what is being done, why it is being done and how it is being achieved.  Great things can be achieved and mistakes get made however trust develops when we are able to share the mistakes, as well as the achievements and we have tried to do this.

Priorities for 2018-19 from Dianne Brooks – Senior Facilities Manager

Community Association Strategic Asset Plan 2018-2020

There are three areas we will be focusing on for the Breakfast Point Community Association in 2018-2020:

  • Increase Revenue
  • Development and upgrade Facilities
  • Improve Services and Safety to the Community.


This information release is to provide transparency to the Breakfast Point Community on the long-term plan starting in 2018 with the implementation scheduled over three years to 2020.

Increase Revenue:  

We will increase revenue by providing higher grade of facilities in Breakfast Point while improving aesthetics of the Community and increasing the services in these facilities.

Develop and Upgrade Facilities:

The development and upgrades will move Breakfast Point to a new level attracting, catering for, and servicing a larger number of our community and external clientele increasing revenue. We have listed some of the developments and upgrades we are currently working to deliver for 2018-20.

  • Country Club Extensions to service a larger number of the Breakfast Point Community.
  • Larger Bar and Dinning area for our community enjoyment.
  • Larger kitchen to cater to the Breakfast Point Community while providing high level function services to members and external clientele.
  • Retain the size of the gym and relocate sauna and steam room.
  • Refurbishment of Club garden gazebos to increase attraction for weddings parties.
  • Relocation of ground floor Kiosk and new members lounge to enable the provision of function catering to wedding parties while continuing to cater to our Breakfast Point Community.
  • Full repaint of Country Club internal and externally.
  • Upgrade Club CCTV, AV equipment and data projectors.
  • Upgrade Community Hall with internal and external remediation works and painting to attract function hire.
  • Upgrades for pergolas in Silkstone Park, Pavilion BBQ and Carolina pergola and pergolas around club pool.

Improve Services and Safety:

  • Repair/refurbish the Foreshore Timber Bridge to reduce the risk of accidents, falls.
  • Repair/refurbish the Foreshore Sleeper Log Seating to improve of safety.
  • Repairs to damaged and sinking footpaths for safety and cost reduction.
  • Tree Management Program for aesthetics and minimise damage to roads, footpaths.
  • Work with Police Crime Prevention Services Committee (CPSC) for community awareness and education.
  • Review current contracts to implement efficiencies and improve services delivered and work with BNP Security to improve security, monitoring systems and service to the community.
  • Enforce by-laws to ensure that the Community assets are properly maintained and architectural and landscape standards are enforced.


In conclusion, I would very much like to thank my Executive Team for the huge amount of valuable work that they have achieved this year.  Our workload not only encompasses a large number of scheduled meetings, but also includes ad hoc meetings with various external and internal stakeholders, as well as administering the Estate.  I also want to thank the Sub-Committees for their work this year.  Without them we could not provide the effective management that has been achieved.  Finally, we also call upon project leaders and teams for specialty work such as reviewing the potential for Solar Energy and Traffic Management and we thank them very much as well.

I look forward to seeing as many CA Representatives as possible for our last CA Reps Meeting for the year which will be held in the Administrative Building on Wednesday, 17 October 2018.

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