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Having just returned from perfect August weather in Europe it was a pleasure to return to Breakfast Point in the Spring.  Most of the trees have fresh leaves and the flowers are picture perfect, what a great place in which to live.

Over the past month a huge amount of time has been spent managing the extensions to the Country Club. We have also been busy with the year end close and with 2019-20 budget preparations as well as discussions with CA Reps on a number of important community matters, some of which need to be resolved prior to the upcoming AGM. Please note that the AGM is scheduled for Monday, 25 November 2019 at 6.00 pm in the Community Hall.  All CA Representatives or their Alternates are required to attend.

In this edition I provide an update on recent activities and projects being managed by the CA Executive.

The Spring Fair

I could not attend the Spring Fair however I understand it was enjoyed by all with excellent weather. The attendance was good throughout the day with much fun and interest generated for everyone.  The kids’ rides, Briars Bar and Men’s Shed Sausage Sizzle were particularly popular.  As many will know, the Country Club also had a stall of their own this year and I am advised that they received many words of support and encouragement from Owners, eager to once again enjoy the facilities of the Club.  A preliminary menu was shared on the day with some exciting and innovative dishes included. The new Club menu will be an evolving document in the months ahead as we respond to the shared preferences of Owners.

I am pleased to see that the Spring Fair has become a regular feature on our calendar and is reflective of the sort of community spirit we wish to engender.  Our thanks to Breakfast Point Realty, who hosted the event, and to their various sponsors.

The Country Club Extensions

The Club re-opens on Thursday, 3 October with the official opening on Saturday, 5 October 2019. Please come and join in all the fun over the October long weekend and see what a wonderful job the Extensions Team and Club Staff have done to make the Club bigger and better than it was.  The kitchen is significantly larger with state of the art appliances and the lounge extensions and furnishings look terrific, with more room in a very elegant setting.  Downstairs includes a much improved kiosk relocated to the south side with tiled flooring leading onto wonderful open grassed areas. The gym equipment has been reinstalled and the finishing touches to these and the lower central lounge area are being completed.  The sauna, steam room and family room are also in the final stages of equipment installation. All of these renewed facilities should be available for use by the Grand Opening.

The builder has completed all internal work by Thursday, 26 September and staff training, culminating in a dress rehearsal, will be completed by the end of September.  This has been a complex project to manage and on behalf of the Community the Executive Committee commends and thanks the Club Extensions Committee and in particular our architect Nicholas Back, Laurie Ihnativ, Tara Howell, Dianne Brooks and the Club Staff for the hundreds of hours that have been given to this project.  The extensions are on budget and just a little over the planned time. The time slippage is due to some bad weather and minor agreed alterations to works aimed at improving the final outcome.  A major benefit of this project that will not be obvious is the amount of long-standing structural defects that have been uncovered during the build. These have been rectified within the allowed budget and have potentially saved the community many thousands of dollars.

Major Maintenance Projects

The rear of the Administration building will be painted in November 2019 and the Community Hall is also scheduled to be painted in March 2020.

Stage One of the installation of road calming devices is scheduled for November 2019 with Stage Two planned for September 2020 and Stage Three February 2021.

We will continue to monitor the effects on speed and traffic flow of these progressive changes in order to ensure we maximise the safety benefits to our street and pedestrian traffic.

Market Street irrigation has now been rectified, after water capability was out of action in a large section of the street for some time.  This fix will enable us to replant all of Market Street where
required to assist with the beautification of one of our main congregation points in the Estate.  Irrigation works and replanting have also occurred around the Club grounds which you will fully
appreciate when the Club re-opens.

Administration Building

Congratulations to Ken Preece and others involved in securing funding from the recent round of the “My Community Project” offered by the NSW State Government.  Our Community has secured $112,000 for the upgrade of bathroom facilities in the Administration Building.  This money will now be put to very good use. The CA Executive will now decide on the process and team to take this project forward.

Mulberry Hill Apartment and Meeting Room

By way of background, the meeting room and office located within the property of SP71690 Mulberry Hill is part of the restricted common property of Mulberry Hill.  The CA has control of both the Meeting Room and the attached apartment via a by-law established by Rose Group (Breakfast Point Pty Ltd).  This by-law allows the CA to use the meeting room and office as well as the apartment for its purposes, although for as long as Estate Managers were the contracted manager of the CA Estate, Estate Managers had sole rights to the apartment under the provisions of the by-law.

Breakfast Point Pty Ltd sold “Estate Managers” the company, to “PICA” a large group of companies specialising in Estate Management, and in November 2018 the CA appointed BFMS (part of the PICA Group) as its contractor for day to day operations for the Estate.  At that time the CA did not include the Mulberry Hill apartment or meeting room in the agreement with BFMS and instead provided an office in the Administration Building for that purpose.  The CA is now negotiating with Mulberry Hill as to the current operational rights over the meeting room, office and apartment. Both Mulberry Hill and the CA have differing legal opinions as to these rights and at a meeting of CA Representatives held on Monday, 23 September, Mr Gerard Martin put the Mulberry Hill case on those rights to those present. This was followed by a Q&A segment in which the counter rights of the Community were expressed.  After discussion it was agreed that the CA would form a Steering Committee to negotiate an equitable arrangement with the owners of Mulberry Hill, as to the control and final use for the apartment, the Community meeting room and office.  The continued use of the meeting room and office in particular is important to the CA due to the short supply of meeting rooms in the Community.  The Administration Building is also only just coping with demand for its rooms.  I am hopeful an amicable outcome can be achieved within a reasonably short time frame. We will keep CA Reps and Owners informed about progress on this matter as events unfold which may include the holding of a Town Hall meeting prior to the scheduled AGM.

Collection of Containers in the “Return and Earn Scheme”

The Community Association Executive Committee recently met with representatives from CitizenBlue for the collection of containers in the State Government Return and Earn Scheme.  We have entered into an agreement with CitizenBlue to provide this service within Breakfast Point.  CitizenBlue provides special bins for the containers and the collection service.  There are some minor logistical issues that need to be cleared up.  In order to iron out these issues it has been agreed to trial the scheme in the Harbours Precinct and at the Country Club.  We look forward to the eventual rollout of this initiative to the whole Community after the trial has been completed.  This initiative will benefit both the environment and the Community.  The funds generated will help to minimise future levy increases.

CitizenBlue was setup by a select group of NGOs with a mission to take practical steps to make Sydney waterways the cleanest in the world. These NGOs are:  Boomerang Australia, Clean Up Australia, Green Connect, Landcare NSW, Resource Recovery NSW, Surfrider Foundation and Total Environment Centre.

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