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Dear Residents

March has proved a very difficult month for our Community. New Government directives related to social distancing, hygiene and self-isolation have been issued almost daily and they have rapidly transformed Breakfast Point Community life.

For the safety of all we ask residents to adhere closely to any such directives. Despite active social media forums, Government Health web sites should still be seen as your official source for all Coronavirus related advice. One obvious consequence of the changes at Breakfast Point was that on Monday, 23 March our Country Club was forced to close for an indefinite period.

At very short notice your Club Management Team did a splendid job to handle the practicalities of this requirement. Many of our young club staff, well known to our patrons, are now seeking other employment. We are assisting with their efforts where possible and are hopeful many can return to work with us at a later date. If you have employment leads please advise Jo McGoldrick.

The uncertainties of the immediate future, combined with the challenges of the high costs associated with the Club relaunch last October, has meant that we are sensibly re-assessing our expenditures and plans between now and the end of our financial year. It is hoped this will give us some form of buffer for what might lay ahead. Some of these measures are outlined in the Executive report below.

In closing I would like to draw your attention to our sick, our elderly and to residents who might live alone and who might be more vulnerable to what we now face. They need our support at this time. I am heartened by the actions already of the Strata Committees, the BP Strata Network group, the Men’s Shed, the Probus Groups, the residents and various informal social networks to assist their neighbours and friends within the wider Community.

Should anyone in particular need help in some aspect of their everyday life then please contact Jo McGoldrick at who will seek to connect you with those who can assist.

Alan Barnes, Chairperson


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