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Dear Residents

The July month delivered a precautionary message to our community when dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic, with infection clusters appearing in parts of Sydney, against the backdrop of more major severe cluster outbreaks in the State of Victoria.  The impact on the Inner West, and on Breakfast Point in particular, has thankfully been limited.   Whilst restrictions have generally eased for us, allowing more day-to-day movement, it is essential that we all continue to closely follow guidelines as to personal hygiene and social distancing.  We now hear common reference to the risks of ‘Corona Complacency’ and we ask that our residents remain vigilant and diligent in such matters.

Opportunities for face-to-face meetings grew in July and we were able to take advantage.  For example, six members of our Community met with representatives of the Jemena led Kendall Bay Remediation to discuss progress.  Works will likely be complete late this year with equipment gradually removed from site in the months ahead.  Jemena advised that measures and
controls in place to achieve its remediation objectives and to make good the site are on track.

A meeting was also held with Original Community Representatives for Fairwater, Mimosa and Spring Park to discuss shared issues and explore how we might work more closely together in future.

There were also Community Meetings with CA Reps and the Executive Committee meeting to re-establish face-to-face meetings which had been cancelled in earlier months due to Coronavirus restrictions.

At those meetings we spoke of recent projects undertaken on your behalf such as Seawall Assessment, Foreshore Strategy and Contract Tendering, together with the importance of the CA Reps role in representing you in the wider community.  Get to know your CA Rep as your conduit for community messaging.  Services and trading hours at your Club continued to expand in July, particularly in the afternoons to accommodate an extended lunchtime experience.  In July we held two successful events themed on American and then Christmas in July foods.  This themed feature will continue, along with evening meal options later in the month.  The Club operates in a Covid-19 safe manner and we encourage your patronage.

Despite the many challenges of 2020 your Executive continues to look forward and seeks to actively manage your Community assets, planning and performing capital works when appropriate.  This is further outlined in the Executive Report.

In closing, we appreciate your patience and consideration during these difficult times and ask that you continue to act in a safe and considered manner.

Alan Barnes


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