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After a short break over the Christmas/New Year period your new Executive Team has been busy completing tasks and preparing the way to fulfill our plans for the coming year.  The Executive Team Report below outlines many of those tasks and our achievements to date.

I am pleased to advise that your Executive is working very effectively as a team.  Apart from a regular meeting program, chairperson responsibilities have been assigned to Executive Members for Sub-Committee work – Secretarial (Ken), Finance (David), Assets and Standards (Laurie), Facilities (Paul), Gardens and Landscape (Neil) and the Country Club (Peter).  Their charters have been prepared and monthly meetings are now underway.

In my previous message I mentioned the importance of Owner engagement and we are therefore inviting Owners to register with Jo McGoldrick their interest in assisting us in Sub-Committee activities. There are also Special Project Teams that we will form during the year that might be of particular interest to those who cannot afford the time to dedicate a full year to our Sub-Committee work.

Unfortunately, our Executive Member Tara Howell has had to resign due to her full-time work commitments which have grown significantly in recent months.  We very much appreciate Tara’s contribution, especially in support of our Club operation and its relaunch.

As previously stated, it is our intention to listen, to be approachable and to be fair and reasonable when acting as your representatives.  In this regard, after a period of stabilisation following the successful Club relaunch, we consider this to be the right time to again review our Club operations.  In doing so we are mindful of helpful Owner feedback gathered since the relaunch and are now working earnestly to implement operational changes, including a review of costs, the further development of our food and beverage offerings, along with the enhancement of service capability.  You will see the impact of these changes in the weeks ahead.  Our intention is to ensure that the Owner experience when using our Club will be a very positive one.

Alan Barnes, Chairperson


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