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Dear Residents

This past month has seen a steady easing of Coronavirus related restrictions, enabling residents greater freedoms in their access to services and facilities, including those at Breakfast Point.  As noted in the cover page article we have seen the reopening of your Club facilities, with tennis, gym, pool and dining areas now available.  We have followed a careful and steady approach to manage the reopening of the Club to ensure we proceed in a safe and considered manner.  This approach has worked well in that we were able to ensure that procedural requirements, hygiene, and social distancing guidelines were being adhered to before progressively expanding our hours of operation and access.  We thank residents for respecting the measures we have taken to achieve these outcomes.

The patronage of the Club is steadily increasing since reopening and with evidence of sound practices in place we encourage residents to make use of your Club’s facilities in the weeks and months ahead.  Your patronage will support our objective to make the Club the destination of choice.  You will soon see a further extension of trading hours including reintroduction of happy hour and dinner options in the café/restaurant.  We will continue to develop the menu and wine list based on resident preferences including the addition of regular special offerings.

The results of the Club questionnaire suggest a fair degree of flexibility in the minds of residents in our efforts to balance service with costs.  For example, whilst they expect a certain degree of discipline over costs, twice as many respondents felt that the provision of good food, good service and access to a pleasant club environment is what makes your Club most appealing.  Residents agreed to the limitation of services on typically slower days early in the week so that we can focus our human resources to more popular days, later in the week.  Our pay and collect

proposal for the day time menu was well supported and has been implemented.  The idea of regular themed events was also well received.

Other than the Club, your Executive continues to look forward and seeks to actively manage your Community assets, planning and performing capital works when appropriate.  We operate within a budget framework and with the Community financial year ending August we are now scheduling works either side of that date so we can continue to deliver services and improvements in a steady and responsible manner.  Our plans and actions are outlined in the Executive Report below.

In closing, I would note that Australia, and in particular NSW and Breakfast Point appear to have dealt with the challenges of recent months comparatively well.  Please continue to act in a safe and considered manner.


Alan Barnes


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