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Dear Residents

As I write this message, Government Coronavirus restrictions are easing further, particularly in relation to the use of outdoor venues and social meeting places such as cafes, restaurants, pubs and clubs.  As a community we can be proud of our shared efforts in having adhered to regulations for social distancing, good hygiene and self-isolation since restrictions were imposed.  Whilst we should certainly enjoy our new freedoms, we must be careful not to relax our guard too quickly.

By the time this edition is released we will have commenced the reopening of our club facilities, including dining areas.  Having first announced a steady program of easing with sensible time frames set for each stage, our Governments have since shifted to a more rapid program with rather limited notice.  Just last month we had been led to believe it would be the second half year or even next year.  With these developments we have chosen to adopt a careful and steady approach to manage the reopening of the Club to ensure we proceed in a safe and considered manner.   You will appreciate it will take time to reactivate our various Club services but we will do our best to proceed quickly.

Please accept our program is being implemented with your best interests in mind.

Residents were recently invited to complete a Club questionnaire covering broad conceptual issues – the first such survey in five years.  Some initial findings suggest that good service and access to a pleasant club environment is considered more important to you than a business model that imposes strict cost control.  Also, some flexibility was expressed regarding the services we might provide day to day, allowing us to limit services on typically slower days so that we can focus our resources towards more popular days, including weekends.  More detail on the outcomes will be shared in the next edition.  As an aside we plan to undertake a further survey with more of an operational focus once your Club is fully operational again (most likely using a Survey Monkey type tool).

Whilst the Coronavirus has led to economic downturn, including our community, your Executive continues to look forward in the active management of your community assets.  Rather than cease all work, we continue to plan and undertake capital works when appropriate.  For example, work on pathways, including grinding or replacement when necessary, will soon be underway, for health and safety reasons.  Other plans and actions are outlined in the Executive report below.

From another perspective I recently participated in the Communities Association Committee meeting with the Canada Bay Mayor and his General Manager.  The Council’s draft Foreshore Access Strategy was shared and Breakfast Point was given an opportunity to make a submission with the view to our ongoing consultation in the implementation phase.

We were recently contacted by State Government representatives to follow up our contribution in the review of the Land Management Act.  This follows the lodgment of our detailed submission in February.  Our Breakfast Point Community is viewed as a major player in community living and, in this regard, we are pleased to have influence on your behalf at the appropriate level of local and state government.

In closing I would like to reaffirm the importance of our spirit of community at this time.  I ask everyone to remain alert to the needs of your fellow residents and to deal with the easing of restrictions in a careful and considered manner.

Alan Barnes


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