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I am pleased to report your Executive Team made good progress on a number of fronts this month.

Attending the Canada Bay Community Association Committee meeting I was able to discuss the Ferry Change issue with the Mayor on your behalf.  Thereafter Council took the initiative to lobby against the proposed changes.  The local member, John Sidoti, has just announced that the proposed changes to the ferry service have now been abandoned.  On another front a Community Special Project Team completed a submission on your behalf to address proposed changes to the Community Lands Development and Management Acts. This opportunity only arises approximately every 15 years which meant that the concentrated effort in completing our submission was very important.  Our Breakfast Point submission is an excellent example of the co-operation and teamwork possible when matters have a shared interest.

Observations that form part of our Submission include the point that ‘one size cannot fit all’ when it comes to strata living regulation, the enforcement of by-laws, formal delegation to Sub-Committees, addressing disparities in unit entitlements, improving executive election procedures and better Governance.  For those interested, a copy of our Breakfast Point Community Submission can be found on the website.

The management of your Club has also had attention and a number of personnel changes have occurred. Our intention is to fully align Club operations with our shared values for teamwork, harmony, efficiency and appropriate attention to the broader wishes of our Owner customers.  Morale of club staff is high.  I have attended numerous events in recent times where food, service and ambience have been very good when compared to other venues in our area and I would recommend Owners avail themselves of our Club dining facility whenever time allows.

Beyond the Club let me re-affirm the commitment of this Executive to attend to the facility and infrastructure needs in other non-Club areas of our Estate. Recent heavy rains and the end of Summer have given us a window of opportunity for replanting in weather affected areas which will proceed over the next few months.


Alan Barnes, Chairperson


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