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Dear Residents

April has seen the full impact of the Government’s Coronavirus directives for social distancing, good hygiene and self-isolation on our Community. Many more residents than normal find themselves in and around their homes for extended time periods. It is therefore understandable that we are all starting to miss the day-to-day freedoms we might previously have taken for granted. To relax our guard is tempting but we do ask that you remain very much committed to following the directives. Thanks to our shared efforts, Government statistics have shown positive signs of a general containment of the virus, although the risk of a cluster of infections remains.

Those who subscribe to the Club mailing list would have noted my recent request for residents to always maintain social distancing when out of their homes for essential purposes at Breakfast Point, such as shopping and exercise. The majority of residents do this very well.  However, there have been some incidences of non-adherence and otherwise inappropriate exchanges between
residents over such matters. Please remain calm. This suggestion also carries over to social media and community-based email exchanges among residents. We are all facing new challenges and so we do ask for restraint and for mutual respect in your dealings with others, whether they be strangers, neighbours, our paid staff or our volunteers who serve at Executive, Strata or Sub-Committee level.

The uncertainty about timeframes before relaxation of restrictions can occur makes our planning more difficult. One obvious aspect of this is the re-opening of our Country Club, which could be as early as the second half of this year or as late as this time next year.  However, we are making good use of this time to reflect on our Club business model and consider how best to move forward.  In future we would like to better contain its cost, particularly in relation to the cafe/restaurant and functions component.

At the same time, we seek to deliver food, service and an ambience of a sufficiently high standard that you will enjoy each visit. As you will appreciate, at times these cost and personal
experience objectives can be strongly competing forces so a reasonable balance needs to be found. We will share more information with you on this topic over time. More generally we are committed to manage costs across all areas.

In closing I would like to reaffirm the importance of our spirit of Community at this time. I ask everyone to remain alert and look out for each other, especially those residents who may be sick, elderly or in some way vulnerable, so that social connection or physical support can be made available if and when required. Should anyone in particular need assistance from a source that is not readily apparent, then please contact Jo McGoldrick at  In the meantime, please stay safe.

Alan Barnes, Chairperson

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