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Dear Residents

August saw a fairly stable pattern of low rate infections in NSW from the Coronavirus pandemic, with our borders closed to Victoria and Queensland. This delivered a greater sense of containment and control than was felt in previous months when cross border infections were common.

It would appear the pattern now is for small clusters to appear from time to time due to local community-based transmissions, although such incidents have been typically well managed by our Government agencies.  Thankfully the impact of cluster infections on the Inner West, and on Breakfast Point in particular, has been limited.  The message for us at Breakfast Point though is that infections can have disparate sources and so it is very important that we all continue to follow the guidelines as to personal hygiene and social distancing.

To further assist in this regard, actions were recently taken at our primary gathering place, the Club. We have now formalised our Covid-19 Marshall role, provided masks for our dining room staff and taken further hygiene precautions in the use of shared items such as plates, cups and cutlery.  Numerous remarks have been made by residents that they feel safe in our Club environment. You are encouraged to view the Club as your destination of choice in our immediate area.

Despite the many challenges of 2020 your Executive continues to look forward positively to manage your Community assets and to carry out capital works when appropriate.  In the weeks ahead this will include some high visibility projects such as selected tree removal, major footpath repairs and works on both the interior and exterior of the Community Hall.  This is further outlined in the Executive Report below.

There was also a recent opportunity to participate in a Communities Association meeting via Teams software with the Council’s Mayor and General Manager. Through this channel we continue to seek ways to ensure our interests are well considered in future Council planning.  During August we also received feedback on progress with the amendment of the Land Management Act project to which we had made a detailed submission.  Whilst we have some disappointment that the changes proposed in the current draft are less extensive than we would hope, we will continue to lobby the various government authorities on your behalf in an effort to maximise the reforms that appear in the final report. This is especially the case in relation to improvements we would like to see in voting and in owner representation for large strata-based communities such as Breakfast Point.

In closing, we very much appreciate your understanding and support during these difficult times and ask that you continue to act in a safe and considered manner.

Alan Barnes


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