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Functions at the Breakfast Point Country Club

In accordance with the latest Federal and State Government directives, we confirm that our Country Club has been closed indefinitely as at midday today, Monday, 23 March 2020.  At this point in time all of our services at the Club are suspended. We are sure that you are fully aware of the importance of the directives made in the interests of our society at large and in particular those of us who might be most vulnerable to the Coronavirus infection.

We appreciate the fact that our Club is seen by many as the hub of our community, enjoyed by diners and special interest groups alike as a place to relax and to enjoy the company of others. It has been a source of much enjoyment since relaunch with considerable momentum achieved as a destination of choice for many in recent months.

We ask that individual residents and Strata reach out at this time to their fellow residents by whatever means possible and provide support where required, recognising that the opportunity for social interaction at the Club will not be available for a period of time.   We are unsure how long the Club will be required to remain closed but we will keep you informed.

Your Executive and Club Management Teams will be working through the issues in the days ahead in an effort to minimise the impact of the closure on our employees and our community.

We kindly request the assistance of CA reps in distributing this correspondence to the lot owners in their individual schemes and also placing a copy of this information on their respective notice board.

Community Association Executive Committee

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