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Your Executive and various Strata Committees have worked tirelessly to ensure they keep up to date with the Federal and State Government directives with regard to COVID-19.  The Executive has provided overall guidance but it is your Strata Committee and Strata Managers who will be your day-to-day point of reference to maintain hygiene standards within your living areas. From the Community point of view your Club team did a splendid job to meet all hygiene and social distance requirements with excellent attendance recorded and many favourable comments made by residents that they found the Club a safe and clean place as compared to other options.   Unfortunately, in accordance with the Government directives all community buildings are now closed indefinitely, including the Country Club.

We appreciate the uncertainties felt by some residents at this time but can assure you that Government directives, which can at times change daily, are being adhered to as best we can at Breakfast Point.  Tensions can on occasions run high and we do ask all residents to show restraint and respect in their dealings with others.  Life at Breakfast Point has changed considerably within a short time frame and the abilities of individuals to roam freely is being denied.   This is quite an adjustment for all of us to make.  Stay calm.

Residents may continue to walk our pathways and use open grassed areas.   However, these spaces are available for personal or family use only and should not be used as gathering places, nor for organised events of any kind.  Please ensure the Government guidelines are adhered to at all times. Remember to:

  • Self-isolate to the extent practical based on personal circumstances
  • Practise good personal hygiene at all times
  • Maintain social distance when in public places
  • Refer to Government websites for regular updates on official guidelines
  • Look out for your neighbours and friends.

For additional information about the Coronavirus COVID-19 please visit or call the National Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080. Our local Canada Bay Council also has a useful website.  A drop down menu can be found at the Council’s website:

Important: The information and general guidelines provided in this Newsletter in relation to Coronavirus were accurate to the best of our knowledge at the date of compilation.   Information and guideline changes may have occurred between then and the publication of this newsletter. Readers should always refer to the Government website for the most up to date information available.  


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