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What a month it has been. We were just recovering from the extreme weather conditions and we must now, as a community, deal with the consequences of this dreadful Coronavirus pandemic.  However, we will carry on as best we can whilst following the Government directives and recommendations.

Due to these events the Executive’s attention has been diverted from the usual implementation and development of projects, with focus on the safeguarding of Community health and dealing with likely financial consequences of the pandemic on our costs. However, progress has still been made this month in many other areas.

Sub-Committees – All applications for sub-committees and special project groups have been assessed and responses issued. We were not able to accommodate everybody at this stage. However, there will be some special projects that may be of appeal in due course. Thank you all for your participation.

Capital Works Fund – Preparations for the review are progressing. A specialist consultant has been appointed and the first site visit was recently completed.

Garden Contract – Preparations to formally appoint the Landscape and Garden Contractor continue with issues important to the new contract discussed at a recent CA Rep meeting. Whilst hopeful of a prompt completion, the actual timing may yet be impacted by the restrictions on face to face meetings and the additional workload related to Covid-19.

Lawn Care Boundaries – The Final Proposal for Acceptance of the suggested change of responsibility for the care of the verge lawn between the pavement and kerb will have been issued, by the time you have read this report. Stratas are requested to respond by the time stated on the Form.

Traffic Management – Further work was carried out this month, including the installation of Traffic Calmers on the centre line of Rosewater Circuit, and
general associated road signage.

Gardens – As a precursor to new plantings, the Irrigation Audits of the foreshore gardens have now been completed.

Seawall Assessment Report – This was received this month and is currently being considered. It lays out a 10-year plan. Initial works are likely to commence in 2021.

The indefinite shutdown of our Country Club as a result of the government directives on Coronavirus, will of course have an impact on our 2019/20 revenue and costs and this is being assessed. As a precautionary measure many projects planned for the near future have been deferred or will be rescheduled until the impact is better understood. The projects under review include:

  • The painting of the Community Hall.
  • Administration Building renovations.
  • Rectification of Tree Guards and Rope Posts.
  • Replanting of some sections of the garden.
  • Improvement to kerb and gutters and roads where affected by tree root growth.
  • Removal of five silky oak trees.
  • BBQ roof improvements.

Safety related projects such as identification and removal of pavement trip hazards remain important and will therefore continue.

We take this opportunity to thank the Community for its patience and understanding during these difficult times.

The Executive Team


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