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We, the newly appointed Executive Team, which includes continuing members Tara, Laurie, Ken, Peter, Neil and Alan, along with two new members David Foster and Paul Thiganoff, are pleased to provide the community with our first Executive Team Report. Our purpose each month will be to highlight our shared plans and progress towards our objectives.

We have in place an Executive Team that is very much looking forward to serving the community with the belief that we can deliver a productive and timely program of projects of community benefit.

Much has been said already about the many important achievements of the past Executive and sub-committees. This inaugural Executive Team Report will therefore focus on the way forward. The primary new objectives and those already in progress are listed below:

  • To fine tune our Country Club operations to achieve a high level of community participation and enjoyment at a fair and reasonable cost. Our objective is to make the Country Club café your preferred destination within the local area.
  • To continue to improve the communication processes to ensure the community is adequately briefed and involved in critical decision making and for owners to receive feedback on issues raised in a timely manner.
  • To maintain regular monitoring of administration and capital works costs to ensure budget compliance.
  • To achieve an amicable resolution of the matter of the continued community use of the Mulberry Hill meeting room and office (Restricted Common Property matter).
  • To continue discussions with Canada Bay Council with the objective of ensuring infrastructure support, improvements and services provided are proportionate with the Council rates being paid by Breakfast Point community residents.
  • To review CA processes that support the timely processing of Strata Applications.
  • To undertake a review of service contracts when due for renewal, to ensure the community receives best value for money from those contracts.
  • To continue with, and complete on a timely basis, various works in progress:
    • the painting of both the Community Hall and part of the exterior of the Administration Building.
    • the implementation of the tree audit recommendations, and the recent garden audit recommendations, including tree guard, rope and post works, an upgrade of the Market Street and Foreshore gardens, and other improvements.
    • the roll out of Stage 3 of the Traffic Management Plan, including installation of traffic speed cushions, humps, separators and signage.
  • To facilitate an independent review of our community wide Capital Works (Sinking Fund) requirements in early 2020 and from there develop a suitably prioritised program of works and funding.

As outlined above, we have much to achieve.  We are therefore grateful for the continued support of our Facilities Manager Dianne Brooks, Estate Manager Matthew Crawshaw-Fardouly of BFMS, our Club Manager Anthony Starkey, our accountant Pat Pedavoli and, last but not least, your community point of contact person, our CA EC Executive Assistant Jo McGoldrick.

One of our first tasks as an Executive will be to review our immediate Sub-Committee and Special Project team set ups and our needs for 2020. In due course we plan to reach out to residents as we did last year, and identify those with an interest in participating in one of our new teams.   We do appreciate the valuable contribution made by community members in the past and look forward to similar capable and enthusiastic support in the future.

The Executive Team


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