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With Spring upon us we hope that you have noticed that there has been a lot of activity around the Community in recent weeks.   We have numerous projects in progress at this time that are described below.

Major Contracts Awarded

The most significant development is the new Landscape and Gardens contract covering all community property garden maintenance and lawn care. This is for a period of three years with an option to extend to a fourth year.  We have been able to secure many benefits under the new contract such as additional full-time site staff, on site full-time supervision and the use of battery-operated hand-held equipment.  Well defined tasks and a schedule of rates to cover most contingencies should also lead to lower overall cost with better overall outcomes.  We thank Skyline for its service to our Community over the past 10 years.  We also congratulate the new contractor, Green Options, and look forward to building our work relationship with them in the months ahead.

Another major contract awarded since the last report is the upgrade of the Country Club Air-conditioning system which will include improved cooling to the bullhorn sections.  Installation is planned for this month.  In order to facilitate a smooth installation process there will need to be some disruption to café services but this will be mainly on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Details will be
provided on a progressive basis.

The Community Hall

Our Hall is a prime asset and has needed some attention. We have recently repaired and painted the external hall surfaces with repairs to the Aluminium Shutters now in progress.  The replacement of tactiles at the entry points will commence this month.  Internally, we have recently installed a new surround sound system to improve sound quality, especially at the rear of the hall.  Works to improve internal lighting will happen shortly.  Internal painting and recoating of wooden surfaces will follow at a later stage.

Pavements and Roads

Repairs to pavements damaged by tree roots is progressing.

We have commenced work to widen the pavement in Market Street outside of the Realty heritage building and to install wheel stops to the adjacent parking spaces and other areas with high foot traffic. The planned works will include a paving improvement to both ends of the Pocket Park south of Mulberry Hill.

We have also completed the installation of two new pedestrian crossings in Market Street and the upgrade of two existing crossings, all with appropriate signage.

Landscape and Gardening

Replanting of native shrubs and ground covers along the foreshore is continuing.  The second stage is complete and third stage to Tennyson Road is in progress. The repair and replacement of damaged garden edging in Silkstone Park is complete and we have now commenced foreshore garden edging.

Roof over Entry into the Country Club

Quotes have been obtained and work will commence shortly to cover the entry to the Club to provide a rain protected entry from the covered roadway to the door.  The new entrance canopy has been carefully designed to blend with our existing architecture.

Further Activities in Progress or about to Commence

  • Replacement of uneven Grandstand area pathway.
  • Replacement of the epoxy sealing of the water features in Market Street and Silkstone Park.
  • Repairs and adjustments to the foreshore irrigation system.
  • An increase in the number of rubbish bins at various high usage locations.
  • An all-weather roof over Village Green BBQ.
  • Provision of general storage areas under the Grandstand and in part of the Club car park.

Many other improvements to our Community are being investigated by the Executive and its Sub-committees, including options to support electric vehicles, standards for solar panel installation, sea wall and heritage wall maintenance programs, the provision of additional garden seating around the Community, and more.

All of the above would not be possible without the tremendous effort of the Executive Team and its supporting Sub-committees and in particular, Special Project Teams.  The motivation for us all is to achieve a beautiful and friendly environment for the whole of our unique Community, to be the envy of others.  Help in achieving our objectives is always welcome.

The Executive Team


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