Kendall Bay Sediment Remediation Project – July 2018 Update

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Project Update

Jemena’s appointed remediation contractor Ventia will be conducting sediment trial work in the southern portion of Kendall Bay. The trial work involves a limited field trial of the remediation method (in-situ stabilisation) and further collection of sediment samples for laboratory testing and analysis. Prior to commencing the full scale works, the trial work will provide the assurance that the in-situ solidification remediation methodology can be successfully undertaken in a marine setting.

Mobilisation for the work has commenced and activity within Kendall Bay is planned to begin from mid August 2018. The trial is expected to be complete by mid September 2018, weather permitting. Work hours will be 7 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday. Work involves mobilisation of crew and equipment to undertake the sediment trial work in the Bay; installation of environmental controls around the work area including sheet piles and silt curtains within the Bay; completing a limited trial of in-situ stabilisation in two areas located in the southern portion of Kendall Bay; collection of sediment samples for laboratory testing and analysis and demobilisation of the crew and equipment.

All the plant and equipment required to complete this trial work will be mobilised from White Bay. There will be some intermittent noisy activities associated with the work. Some odour may be expected during the sediment collection works. The crew will be monitoring to ensure any odours are appropriately managed. An occupational hygienist will also conduct monitoring during appropriate stages of the work. Every effort will be made to minimise the impact of the work on the community. The community around the work site has been notified of the works.

Next Steps

The full scale sediment remediation will be conducted after approvals are received from DP&E. The approvals for the full scale works include submission of the EIS to DP&E.

The EIS reviews in detail the potential impacts from the proposed remediation works and identifies appropriate mitigation measures. During the EIS exhibition period a community information event will be held at the Tennyson Road site to provide information.

The approvals for the remediation works are expected by mid 2019. Full scale remediation will commence after the approvals. The remediation activities are expected to take nine to 12 months to complete.

All comments and feedback received are noted for further consideration by the Project Team.

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