Protecting Our Gardens during the Extreme Weather Conditions

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The Landscape Sub-Committee has received feedback regarding the effect of the extreme weather conditions on the gardens and the application of Level 2 water restrictions. Many trees are showing signs of stress, many shrubs are dying and large sections of the lawns are brown.

While we have had the welcome relief of light showers it is not enough to relieve stress on gardens.  Extreme conditions are still forecast.

As a result, the CA has implemented a plan to minimise losses throughout the expected hot and dry period minimising the cost of extensive replanting.

The lawn irrigation systems have been adjusted to comply with restrictions and exemptions granted however it has not been enough to keep the lawns healthy. The lack of rain has highlighted inconsistencies in the irrigation system that are currently being investigated.  We also suffered an irrigation pump failure that impacted large sections of lawns and gardens.

We have instructed Skyline not to mow lawns that are less than 25mm thick and to maintain a lawn thickness that will minimise moisture loss.

Skyline are hand watering areas of need, focusing on recently planted shrubs.  This is not enough to meet the needs of the plants especially in areas where taps aren’t available. We will be trialling the use of a water truck.  Advanced trees that are showing signs of stress will be watered by the water truck, if the trial is successful.

As a result of the above, the replanting of new shrubs has been put on hold until the season changes.

Skyline have been requested to avoid pruning and the trimming of hedges as any new growth will brown off and the trimming may stress the hedge or shrub.  They are now focusing on removing dead plants and debris and spreading mulch to keep the gardens as tidy as possible.


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