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Dear Breakfast Point Community Members

In the past few years it has been noted that there has been growing disquiet with the Council rates we are required to pay for services that we do not receive.  The CA Executive Committee have received personal representations from owners as well as mention at Town Hall meetings.

It has therefore been decided to test the community concerns with the amount of Council rates being paid and whether we should mount a campaign to Council and the State Government to substantially reduce these rates in line with the services provided.

This survey aims to test the extent of any disquiet with Council rates and if sufficient interest is registered, to then hold a Town Hall meeting on the issue and develop a plan to address the matter.

If you believe that our community should not be paying the level of Council rates currently levied given that all our roads, footpaths, gardens and surrounds are maintained by us, then register your concern by logging on via the Members Login page here.  The survey can be found in Community Association News.

If you are not a registered member of the website click here to register.

If you have any queries please email Jo McGoldrick.

Don McKenzie

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