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Executive Team Report – December 2019

11 December 2019  General Info

We, the newly appointed Executive Team, which includes continuing members Tara, Laurie, Ken, Peter, Neil and Alan, along with two new members David Foster and Paul Thiganoff, are pleased to provide the community with our first Executive Team Report. Our purpose each month will be to highlight our shared plans and progress towards our objectives. We have in place an Executive Team that is very much looking forward to serving the community with the belief that we can deliver a productive and timely program of projects of community benefit. Much...

Message from the Chair – December 2019

11 December 2019  From the Chairman

Following the AGM held on Monday, 25 November 2019, there was a short meeting of the newly appointed Executive Team and I am pleased to advise you that the Team agreed to the appointment of David Foster as Treasurer, Ken Preece as Secretary, with me...

Anchors Up for Kendall Bay Remediation Project

13 November 2019  General Info

Following receipt of the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPI&E) approval in late May 2019, and the successful field trial within Kendall Bay, undertaken in late 2018, its now anchors up and full steam ahead for the Sediments Remediation Project in Kendall Bay. The...

Chairman’s Report (November 2019)

13 November 2019  From the Chairman

This Chairman’s message will be the last from me as Chairman of the Community Association as I will not be standing for re-election to the CA Executive at the next AGM. I hope that you will therefore indulge me as I look back on the...

Chairman’s Report (October 2019)

14 October 2019  From the Chairman

Having just returned from perfect August weather in Europe it was a pleasure to return to Breakfast Point in the Spring.  Most of the trees have fresh leaves and the flowers are picture perfect, what a great place in which to live. Over the past...

Chairman’s Report (September)

3 September 2019  General Info

The past six weeks have been busy concentrating our energies on preparing the annual budget, completing the extensions to the Country Club, meetings with Canada Bay Council and with Fiona Martin the Federal Member for Reid, as well as managing the roll-out of the NBN,...

A Personal Message from the Chairman

31 July 2019  From the Chairman

I stated at our AGM last year that I would not be standing for election to the CA Executive at this year’s AGM which is being held on Monday, 25 November 2019. I have very much enjoyed the role notwithstanding the large work load, however...

Chairman’s Report (August 2019)

31 July 2019  From the Chairman

In this edition, I will update members on the CA Executive program for the remainder of this budget year, provide updated information regarding the rollout of the NBN, as well as meetings with Canada Bay Council. I will also provide details regarding the upcoming Town...

Chairman’s Report (July 2019)

2 July 2019  From the Chairman

Having recently returned from visiting children and grandchildren in the USA, it was a bit of a surprise to leave temperatures of 39°C and return to 6-16°C.  Nevertheless, the rain is welcome and with water restrictions now in place hopefully there will be more of...

Chairman’s Report (June 2019)

5 June 2019  From the Chairman

The Federal Election held on Saturday, 18 May produced a result not predicted by either the pre-polling or the exit polling and the coalition government has been returned.  While many will be pleased with the result, unfortunately the promise from Labor to provide Breakfast Point...

Country Club Extension Plans, Documentation and Updates

Information relating to the Country Club Extensions have been placed in the Community Association section of the website, behind the Members Login area.  If you have not registered for the website, please do so now by visiting