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The Country Club is Closed Indefinitely

23 March 2020  From the Chairman

In accordance with the latest Federal and State Government directives, we confirm that our Country Club has been closed indefinitely as at midday today, Monday, 23 March 2020.  At this point in time all of our services at the Club are suspended. We are sure that you are fully aware of the importance of the directives made in the interests of our society at large and in particular those of us who might be most vulnerable to the Coronavirus infection. We appreciate the fact that our Club is seen by...

Message from the Chair – March 2020

16 March 2020  From the Chairman

I am pleased to report your Executive Team made good progress on a number of fronts this month. Attending the Canada Bay Community Association Committee meeting I was able to discuss the Ferry Change issue with the Mayor on your behalf.  Thereafter Council took the...

Message from the Chair – February 2020

11 February 2020  From the Chairman

After a short break over the Christmas/New Year period your new Executive Team has been busy completing tasks and preparing the way to fulfill our plans for the coming year.  The Executive Team Report below outlines many of those tasks and our achievements to date....

Message from the Chair – December 2019

11 December 2019  From the Chairman

Following the AGM held on Monday, 25 November 2019, there was a short meeting of the newly appointed Executive Team and I am pleased to advise you that the Team agreed to the appointment of David Foster as Treasurer, Ken Preece as Secretary, with me...

Chairman’s Report (November 2019)

13 November 2019  From the Chairman

This Chairman’s message will be the last from me as Chairman of the Community Association as I will not be standing for re-election to the CA Executive at the next AGM. I hope that you will therefore indulge me as I look back on the...

Chairman’s Report (October 2019)

14 October 2019  From the Chairman

Having just returned from perfect August weather in Europe it was a pleasure to return to Breakfast Point in the Spring.  Most of the trees have fresh leaves and the flowers are picture perfect, what a great place in which to live. Over the past...

Chairman’s Report (August 2019)

31 July 2019  From the Chairman

In this edition, I will update members on the CA Executive program for the remainder of this budget year, provide updated information regarding the rollout of the NBN, as well as meetings with Canada Bay Council. I will also provide details regarding the upcoming Town...

Chairman’s Report (July 2019)

2 July 2019  From the Chairman

Having recently returned from visiting children and grandchildren in the USA, it was a bit of a surprise to leave temperatures of 39°C and return to 6-16°C.  Nevertheless, the rain is welcome and with water restrictions now in place hopefully there will be more of...

Chairman’s Report (June 2019)

5 June 2019  From the Chairman

The Federal Election held on Saturday, 18 May produced a result not predicted by either the pre-polling or the exit polling and the coalition government has been returned.  While many will be pleased with the result, unfortunately the promise from Labor to provide Breakfast Point...

Chairman’s Report (May 2019)

6 May 2019  From the Chairman

Welcome to the newly designed Breakfast Pointer!  We are finally getting a taste of Autumn with colder mornings and bright blue skies.  It is a pleasure to be living in this beautiful community. In this report I will attempt to answer questions we are receiving...

Country Club Extension Plans, Documentation and Updates

Information relating to the Country Club Extensions have been placed in the Community Association section of the website, behind the Members Login area.  If you have not registered for the website, please do so now by visiting