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Chairman’s Report (August 2018)

13 August 2018  From the Chairman

July has been an exceptionally busy month. We have dealt with some complicated legal matters, held another Town Hall Meeting and received the two final designs for the Club Extensions from the Assets & Standards Sub- Committee. Our new Facilities Manager resigned and a new search has commenced. We have also received approval from Council for our Stage Two Traffic Management Plan. I will limit this report to these matters and expand on them below. Town Hall Meeting The meeting was very well attended and there was a briefing and...

Chairman’s Report (July 2018)

9 July 2018  From the Chairman

Having been overseas for the past five weeks it is a pleasure to be back, notwithstanding the charms of Winter with the cold mornings and early nightfall. My report this month aims to provide updates on key projects as well as some forward thinking on...

Chairman’s Report (May 2018)

7 May 2018  From the Chairman

This past month has been extremely busy. We have now finalised the interviews for the position of Community Facilities Manager. We have held meetings with the Community Architect to look at streamlining the application process for modifying or adding to buildings and reducing costs. Further...

Chairman’s Report (April 2018)

4 April 2018  From the Chairman

Another Easter is upon us and I hope all residents had a safe and happy Easter whether you stayed at home and enjoyed the Easter Egg Hunt on the Oval or took a break away. In this report I will follow up on a few...

Chairman’s Report (March 2018)

5 March 2018  From the Chairman

In this edition, I will discuss a number of projects that have reached completion and provide an update on others that are in progress. We have also changed the layout of the magazine to shift the Chairman’s Report to this inside page.  This is a...

Chairman’s Report (February 2018)

13 February 2018  From the Chairman

A very big welcome to the New Year and we wish everyone a safe and healthy 2018. The Country Club started the New Year in style with 180 members and guests enjoying a lively night with good food, beverages and our regular band Vogue Trio...

Chairman’s Report (December 2017)

2 January 2018  From the Chairman

In this issue I am pleased to report on the results of the recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) as well as several other matters of importance to the community over the next few months.  The AGM was held on Monday 11 December, 2017 and all...

Chairman’s Report (November 2017)

13 November 2017  From the Chairman

As this will likely be my  last report prior to the AGM  I thought it might   be useful to take a look back on the past year and compare what the CA Executive set out to achieve and what was actually achieved. This table shows...

Chairman’s Report (October 2017)

17 October 2017  From the Chairman

Welcome to Spring and the wonderful weather it has presented to us so far; everything in bloom and the sweet scents from flowers and shrubs as we walk around is a true delight. In this issue I will concentrate on ensuring that all of our...

Chairman’s Report (September 2017)

11 September 2017  From the Chairman

This report will concentrate on the work that your Executive Committee has completed with the recent round of tenders for Facilities Management, Landscaping, Security and the Extensions to the Country Club. This has taken an enormous amount of work and time and I thank my...

Country Club Extension Plans, Documentation and Updates

Information relating to the Country Club Extensions have been placed in the Community Association section of the website, behind the Members Login area.  If you have not registered for the website, please do so now by visiting