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You had to be there! A full PowerPoint presentation on Changes to Strata Living Laws by the Department of Fair Trading during a once in a decade power outage at Breakfast Point.

A great turnout with approximately 140 attending the meeting powered by enthusiasm, interest and a camp generator out on the grass.

There was plenty to report on regarding the changes from 30 November.

Our next gathering is a Special Meeting on 8 November in the Admin Building at 7.00 pm, 2-4 Magnolia Drive, to provide a summary of the changes to Strata Living Laws for those who could not make the recent meeting.

We will also be arranging a gathering for those who wish to participate in the study to obtain better electricity costs for our stratas. This latter item is primarily of  interest to the stratas that submitted  details to the Review and contact will be with them direct.

Our next full meeting will be on Tuesday,  13 December.   If you require any information please email BP Strata Network pstratanetwork@gmail.com.


Glass Tables and Balconies

Be aware, in recent years there have been at least three glass top tables blown off balconies in high winds in Breakfast Point.  Recently one of our residents was  showered with glass (luckily it was safety glass already broken into small, safe  pieces) as he walked past a building driveway.


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